Controlling the Chaos Days 45-60

Controlling the Chaos Month 2 Dominating the Digital

How is your chaos coming?

Are you beginning to feel more in control?  Falling behind?  Overwhelmed?

PLEASE don’t worry.  This list is created as a guideline not a regime.  Each of us is unique and so is our circumstances.  Please remember to take the time YOU need to tackle your “chaos”.

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Our Kroger Shopping Trips March 2016

Our Kroger Shopping Trips March 2016 Read more »

March’s County Market Shopping Trip

March's County Market Shopping Haul

This month’s County Market’s shopping trip was more than a bit unusual and cut short due to my daughters health and trying fit our items into a scooter/electronic shopping basket.  I chose to skip several items as they were heavy or awkward and we needed to leave as my daughter was struggling but I decided to share the purchases I did make as well as my new shopping secret weapon.

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What is a Clever Shopper?


Are you a CLever Shopper


What makes a clever shopper?

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How We Earned An Extra $137.08 In February

How Made An Extra13708 in February 2016

As many of you know my oldest daughter and I are unable to work “regular” 9-5 jobs due to our health issues and the need to be with my youngest, who has even more extreme health issues, so to compensate we have added some “side jobs” we can do from home, a hospital room or even my family’s when we are visiting.

Because we began our new direct sales business with Clever Container and my youngest had some major setbacks we spent VERY little time on “side jobs” but we still earned a bit.

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Budget Results February 2016

Budget Results February 2016

I shared our February expected expenses and budget here at the beginning of February and now that life has slowed down a bit I want to share how that plan worked for us including where we saved and gulp overspent.

We saved (came in UNDER budget) on the following:

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The 7 Minute Home Maintenance Plan (That Works)

The 7 Minute Maintenance Plan That Works

A few weeks ago, I shared how a 3-layer chocolate cake changed my view on life and “clutter”.  I wasn’t sure that I should be so open and honest in a post about my home, family and shortcomings, but it was a hit with the people who needed it.  Over 50% of those who read it, went on to share it and many contacted me to let me know just how much it struck a chord with them.

That is what I pray for when I create a blog post, not to go viral, but to inspire others to be uplifted or aided by my post.  (Not that I would mind going viral.)

Today I want to share how I have been maintaining the house now that it has been “de-cluttered” and is much, much easier to maintain.

I call it “zoning” or “maintenance” rather than cleaning.

It just makes it sound so much easier and less stressful.

Don’t you think?

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30+ Ways We Saved & Earned This Week

30 Ways We Saved & Earned This WeekThis week we share all the ways we saved and earned, including tools and links for items we used or substituted.

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Controlling the Clutter Challenge Days 38-44 Digital Clutter

COntrolling the Chaos Challenge Days 38-44 Digital Clutter

Controlling the Clutter Challenge

Days 38-44

Digital Clutter

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20+ Ways We Saved & Earned This Week and You Can Too

20 Ways We Saved and Earned This Week

Ways We Saved & Earned This Week and You Can Too

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