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Labeled Baskets (Finally!)

I did it!

I manage to label the closet baskets with pretty labels and I love it!

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Fun, Easy Valentine Wall Decor

Fun, Easy Hearts With Endless Possibilities

Who doesn’t love a versatile, quick, easy paper decorating project you can dress-up or down, make with the kids or do by yourself?

Today I am sharing one version of the idea.

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My $3 Bulletin Board Makeover & Tutorial

My $3 Bulletin Board Makeover & Tutorial

(No more boring cork board brown)

Bulletin Board Makeover Pinterest Photo

I am sure many of you can recall the ugly brown bulletin board I revealed hiding behind my bedroom door in the Master Bedroom Makeover (or maybe not since it was covered in “stuff”).

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A Look Back at Our 2014 DIY Posts

I hadn’t planned on a “Top 10 Post” and this truly isn’t one, but it is a look back of our Top 10 DIY Posts.

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Sharing Sunday #2


Hello again!!!

From Central Illinois on a frozen, icy January night.

I can’t believe the temperature went up, but the weather went nuts.

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8 Simple Ways to Upcycle Tissue Paper

8 Simple Ways To Upcycle Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper:  It is so pretty and comes in so many colors.  But what do you do with it after it is used?

Below are 8 Fun and Serious Ideas for both the young and old.

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Zero Budget DIY Jewelry Organizer

Zero Budget DIY Jewelry Organizer

Quick Free Jewelry Organization How TO

If you are like me you have been able to find inexpensive organizers for your earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets but pins and brooches are another story.

After chasing our pins and brooches in and out of various drawers, boxes, etc… or searching for 20 minutes every time I wanted wear one I created this jewelry organizer.

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Fun JOY Block Tutorial


JOY Tutorial Collage

Simple JOY Block Tutorial

These blocks are a cinch to make and look fantastic on any mantel, desk or TV stand.

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Make Your Own Yard Tool Organizer in 20 minutes for Under $20

Make Your Own Yard Tool Organizer

for $20 or Less

Make Your Own Amazing Yard Tool Organizer For Under $20 Read more »

Lawn & Garden Tool Organization Ideas

Lawn & Garden Tool Organization

9 imple, Low Budget Lawn & Garden Tool Organization Ideas

You should already have a plan in place for your yard & garden tool organization; if not this post will give you some great ideas.

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