A Look Back at Our 2014 DIY Posts

I hadn’t planned on a “Top 10 Post” and this truly isn’t one, but it is a look back of our Top 10 DIY Posts.

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Master Bedroom Makeover Update #2

Today’s “makeover”  is once again not anything visually exciting.

I haven’t bought new bedding or curtains, painted the walls or created a masterpiece.

I cleaned, scrubbed, polished, purged and reorganized instead.

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Amazing Tissue Paper Candy DIY

Amazing Tissue Paper Candy DIY

Tissue Paper Candy Tutorial

In all honesty this project is so simple it will probably take longer to assemble the supplies than it does to create the fun decor.

These life size candies are perfect for birthday parties, Christmas décor, life size Candy Land game, fair or any candy themed party, and made completely from recycled products.

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Sharing Sunday #2


Hello again!!!

From Central Illinois on a frozen, icy January night.

I can’t believe the temperature went up, but the weather went nuts.

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8 Simple Ways to Upcycle Tissue Paper

8 Simple Ways To Upcycle Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper:  It is so pretty and comes in so many colors.  But what do you do with it after it is used?

Below are 8 Fun and Serious Ideas for both the young and old.

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Master Bedroom Makeover Update #1-Windows & Desk

Today was not a very exciting day for the cosmetic/visual changes in our master bedroom but it was a very productive day.

I considered skipping this post because who wants to see what I cleaned and purged again?  BUT the goal is for me to post daily AND stick to the posting schedule so I am going to torture you with the boring details.

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Zero Budget DIY Jewelry Organizer

Zero Budget DIY Jewelry Organizer

Quick Free Jewelry Organization How TO

If you are like me you have been able to find inexpensive organizers for your earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets but pins and brooches are another story.

After chasing our pins and brooches in and out of various drawers, boxes, etc… or searching for 20 minutes every time I wanted wear one I created this jewelry organizer.

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5 Amazingly Easy Ways to Streamline Your Closet on a Budget

5 Amazing Zero Budget Tips for Organizing Your Closet Facebook

A few of you have asked how we made our closet rod look more organized and put together on a zero budget.

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Master Closet Makeover- We’re Half Way There!!!

I know.  I know.  You expected a bedroom update this week, and you are getting a master closet makeover instead.  I am just too excited to keep it to myself any longer.  Huge smile here.

If you follow our FB page or had time to read our “Sharing Sunday” post then you had a peek of my master closet at the end of last week.  If not, then THIS is your chance.

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Build A Snowman With Your Child (Using Kitchen Items For a Pattern)

This is a snowman that almost anyone can complete on a snowy afternoon with their child, or even alone, for fun.

I created it because there is nothing like making a memory and masterpiece with your child on a cold, snowy day.

My original plan was much more elaborate and would require special purchases, so I decided to create something from the everyday things around my house instead of spending money and adventuring out in the cold.

This adorable project just needs scrap paper, dishes and utensils found in most kitchens plus lots of imagination.

Building A Snowman Using Kitchen Supplies For a Pattern

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