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April’s Shopping Haul #1

Aprils Shopping Haul #1

April Shopping Haul #1

Due to my health issues and severe pain when turning my head, writing, lifting my arms or driving, I chose to shop locally and with hubby this time.

I also decided to not to “stock up” on too many basics (we still have some fairly full cabinets and freezers).   Instead we shopped sales and bought meats.

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30+ Ways We Saved & Earned This Week

30 Ways We Saved & Earned This WeekThis week we share all the ways we saved and earned, including tools and links for items we used or substituted.

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How Can You Keep Saving? We are so broke we don’t even try anymore.

How Can You Keep Saving. We are so broke we don't even try anymore.

In this post I hope to answer a few questions we have come across as we have shared our goals and setbacks for January 2016, as well as my opinion some advice.

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Controlling The Chaos Challenge Days 24-31

COntrolling the Chaos Days 24-31 Photos and Memorabilia

Fantastic!  We have made it to Week 4 of the “Controlling the Chaos” Challenge.

We have our budget, bills, bags and loose paperwork under control now we are going to tackle our printed photos.

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A Comprehensive List To Include In Your Yearly Budget (so you don’t miss a thing)

A Comprehensive List Of ITems to Include In Your Yearly Budget (so you dont miss a thing)

This is not a “how to” budget post.

This is a list of items you should consider as you are creating your budget, regardless of what budget method you use.

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Controlling the Chaos Challenge Days 17-23

Controlling the Chaos Challenge Days 17-23


We have made it to the third week of the Controlling the Chaos Challenge!

Doesn’t it feel great?  You now have a clean purse, vehicle, wallet, diaper bag, briefcase and file system as well as a new handle on incoming and out going papers.   Right?

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26 Very Simple Ways We Saved & Earned This Week

26 Very Simple Ways We Saved & Earned This Week

26 Very Simple Ways We Saved & Earned This Week

Last week’s 25 Ways We Saved had such a great response, so I decided to begin sharing our weekly saving and earning methods with you, each Sunday.

It will help me stay accountable to our goal of saving $5,000-$10,000 this year, and might even encourage or help some of you.

None of the things we do are challenging or earth shattering, and I have seriously considered skipping some of them.  BUT after deeper consideration (and prayer) I felt led to include them and encourage others.

Ways We Saved

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25 Simple Ways We Saved This Week

25 Simple Ways We Saved This Week


25 Ways We Saved This Week

1.)  We stayed home.

Yep, very simple.  We did not participate in shopping online or in store the day after Christmas

2.)  We created a paycheck by paycheck budget for 2016, beginning with the check we received on Christmas (we get paid bi-weekly).  My wonderful hubby even created a spreadsheet to update as I change the numbers when bill amounts fluctuate.  (Saving me a huge amount of time doing math each month.)

3.)  We were blessed with perishable groceries from an unusual source.

We have a family friend leaving for a short family visit and they asked if we wanted to consume their perishables while they were gone.  Of course!  A gallon of milk, some fresh, crisp apples and other assorted items means we saved at least $10 we would otherwise have spent on perishables this week.

4.)  We joined and uploaded receipts to Receipt Hog.

We earned 280 coins by uploading this week’s receipts (for any store), filling in our information, playing a free “pull” and confirming our email.  If you would like to earn free money that can be cashed in for PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards, I suggest you sign up too.  If you use this code SKAN9388 when you sign up, we will both receive a free “spin”.  ( My first spin earned me 14 coins towards those gift cards).  I figure I already spent the money at the store, a few extra minutes to upload the receipt is worth the gift cards at the end of the year.

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