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8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home- Week 3- The Dining Room

Week 3

8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home

The Dining Room

8 Weeks to a Cleaner More Organized Home week 3 The Dining Room

Way to go!

You have made it to Week 3 and you have a cleaner and more organized entry way and living room to show for it.

Now it is time to tackle the room that is very often the “catch all” for loose papers, odd items and anything else we tend to not have a home for.

The Dining Room

TIP:If you do not have a dining room please pick another area of your home to work on.  This will help keep your momentum going and help you stay on track OR back up and catch any items you missed in the previous areas.

As always we suggest you start with the basic assessment list and removing ANY items that do not belong in this room.

Clear the table, cabinets, floor and shelves of ALL unnecessary items.

For some of you this may take 10 minutes and other may take an entire day or more.

Just remember that ANY progress is progress.

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8 Weeks To a Cleaner, More Organized Home – Getting Started

8 Weeks Getting Started

This is it!

The first step in your journey to a cleaner, more organized home!

You asked for it and you got it!

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Secret Project Reveal – Project #2

Here it is!

Reveal number 2!

And I bet you can more or less guess what the final project might be BUT I am going to keep dragging out the final reveal.

To be honest the overall SECRET PROJECT is much farther along than this update shows but as I said I am only going to share one big project at a time.

This is the wall I was working on before:

Special Project #2 Area Before

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20 Fun & Useful Ways to Upcycle Plastic Lids

20 Fun & Useful Ways to Up-cycle Plastic Lids

For now we only have a bullet list due to my immobility, but I promise we will be adding photos as time goes on.

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A Room Full Of Memories

A Room Full Of Memories

Where do we display our smaller heritage items or memory collection?

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Confessions of a Procrastinating Physically Challenged Hoarder

Confessions of a Procrastinating, Physically Challenged Hoarder and Her Plan to Get Control

 “Changing one room, one day, one month, one project and one habit at a time.”

That is my new motto.

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Project #6 of Purging, Polishing and Prepping- The Bottom Freezer-UGH!

How many of you have ever been working on a project and then experience a sudden “SURPRISE”!

Today was one of those days.

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The Great Purge of 2014-The Master Bedroom

Welcome to Our Master Bedroom

(the drop off/storage area upstairs)

Let’s get one thing clear up front. 

If you are looking for a home out of “Better Homes and Gardens” or any other magazine, this is not the blog post to see.  We are a regular family with three teens, five cats, one dog and a gift for collecting things, and those things have accumulated.  Many of them in our master bedroom.

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