Our Mission

Are you a mom with physical and financial limitations?  Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, overworked and broke all the time?  Then, Treasured Tidbits  is the place to be.

Why?  Because it is my goal to empower you with the tools and encouragement you need to stop struggling and start succeeding in your finances, family and home.

TT started out as a fun outlet for me to share cool projects, organizing tips and whatever else I felt the urge to share, but after 2 years it has evolved into something much, much, more, and while I still like to make fun crafty projects my health has required me to spend less time being physical and more time being smart about what I do.

You see, I am the mom of 3 kids 17, 18 and 20 –all who live at home and battle the same painful, often debilitating syndrome I do, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or EDS.  It is because of the EDS that we recently decided to change the course of the blog to focus less on crafting and more on encouraging moms with physical and financial limits by offering specific tips, websites, programs and products to help them do more.

Why physical and financial limits?  Why not one or the other?  Because they are both important to daily living and peace of mind.  Too often, we as moms with physical limits are trying to raise a family, pay the bills and keep it all together every.single.day.  TT is here to help you do that with little tidbits of knowledge we have picked up over the years.

Our new schedule will incorporate not only simple ways to save and earn money, tools to save you time and spoons, tips to get you organized and words of encouragement for those hard days.

Our plan is to include:

Money Stretching Mondays- Where we will share tips, apps, websites, deals, store programs, and more, including step by step tutorials and videos about how we save the most money while shopping for essentials, medical needs and more.

Timesaving Tuesday- Each Tuesday, we will feature one product or tip that has empowered us to do more while using less time and energy, resulting in less pain and more productivity.

Welcome to Our Home Wednesday- This is where you get to have a peek into our home, and I can share fun projects, house décor and more.  We currently have our house on the market, and I am writing a 20 week series detailing how we prepped and staged each room, while maintaining the need to keep everything easily accessible.

Tackle IT Thursday- Every Thursday, we will share a cleaning, make-over, or organizing project you can do on a budget.  Life just seems to flow better when good systems are in place.  Don’t you think?

And last but not least.

Feature Friday Work At Home Mom- This program was set up not only to encourage fellow mompreneurs, but to encourage you to find a supplemental income in a field you enjoy and excel in, whether its taking surveys, selling crafts online or working as a virtual assistant, we want to introduce you to something that works for you.  It is our hope to do this by introducing moms from all walks of life who have found successful, enjoyable ways to work from home.

Want to learn ways to do more with less pain and more energy?

Want to have a little more bang at the end of your buck each week?

Want to be less overwhelmed and more empowered?

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Well, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!

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