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We look forward to hearing from our readers and encourage you to share ideas, ask questions and comment on our posts. We offer these opportunities both on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest ( feel free to repin as many items as you like however ALWAYS try to go to the source for your pins.  We will Always provide a link if it is a guest post or repinned item).  We do however reserve the right to remove any items we feel are offensive or not in keeping with family values.


We encourage you to ask questions and will do our best to provide you with answers or direct you to a website that will help.


New recipes are ALWAYS welcome and credit will always be given if we use one of them in our post.  Also, please feel free to comment on our recipe post with ways you have altered a specific recipe to suit your family and how well they did or did not enjoy it.  Feel free to submit photos as well.


We are always looking for new and better ways to become organized.  Please feel free to share various ideas (and photos) if you have them.  Suggestions are more than welcome for future posts and ideas-not all can be used but suggestions are appreciated.  Do you have a trouble area in your home?   Feel free to submit several well lit photos and we may be able to pose it to our readers for a creative solution.

Craft Projects

We are constantly looking for new things to create and would welcome ANY suggestions or guest posts.  Once again not all can be used but if it is used credit will be given where it is due.   If you have questions as to HOW to create something you have seen before feel free to send us a note and we will see if we create or find a demo for you.  Do you have an item you would like to repurpose?  Submit photos and we may choose to share it with our readers and have readers make suggestions.


Suggested Links or Deals

Did you find a great deal or link you think our readers would enjoy?   Please submit it.  We will screen it when possible and be happy to share but PLEASE be sure to include the original source and link.

Guest Posts

Please be encouraged to submit guest posts.  We do intend to offer them-especially on Saturdays and Sundays, however we will contact you to let you know when and in what section it will be posted.  We only ask that ALL posts be originals and include the link that connects directly to the post not your home page so that my readers can enjoy the post and then have the option of following your page.   All guest posts will be vetted for originality and the entire site will be checked before being approved for sharing on TREASURED TIDBITS.   We do not wish to share a site that does not share our family values and will not encourage our readers to link there from our site.




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