20 Fun & Useful Ways to Upcycle Plastic Lids

20 Fun & Useful Ways to Up-cycle Plastic Lids

For now we only have a bullet list due to my immobility, but I promise we will be adding photos as time goes on.

Around the House

1. Closet Rod Dividers

Simply add some material or pretty paper, cut a slit half way up in order to slide around the rod, label appropriately and mount between hangers.

2.  Temporary or Permanent Basket Labels

Using a hole punch, cut a hole, tie a ribbon and add to your basket handle.  You have a quick, easy, free tag.  For something more permanent and decorative, add some paper and trim.

3.  Temporary Spoon Rest

We have all made dinner at one time or another and needed an extra spoon rest or two.  Simply lay a lid on the counter to use as a spoon rest, then toss in the dishwasher when finished.  No stains or scrubbing the counter, and it is much easier to clean.

4.  Drip leak catcher

Put under soap dispensers to catch drips from the pump.  If you are concerned with “décor,” simply remove when guests come.

5.  Plant saucers

Set under plants when bringing indoors or moving for the holidays to protect wood from any water leaks or scratches.

6.  Quick coasters

We all have those parties where we have more guests than coasters.  Grab a few extra lids, turn ’em over and protect your furniture from rings and dings.

7.  Circle patterns

Simply flip and trace when you need a quick circle.

8.  Use for chore distribution

Write a list of family chores and keep in a bucket.  Allow family members to draw as clean-up time occurs or when they want to earn extra allowance.

9.  Use to separate rummage sale clothing when hung on a rod.  See closet divider instructions above.

10.  Sorting containers for tiny items.  Not for storing, only for sorting.

Quick Craft and Learning Projects

11.  Tracing practice

Little hands can have a hard time with pieces of paper, but the raised edges give them both something to grip and something to rest their writing utensil against.

12.  Stacking practice

Keep various sizes and encourage little ones to stack them into piles.  Smallest to largest, largest to smallest, all the same size, etc…

13.  Number & Alphabet practice

Write the numbers 1-10, letters of the alphabet, or your child’s name.  Encourage them to put them in the correct order or pick out a letter or number that you choose.  Plastic lids are easier to pick up than many of the learning cards we often use because they have the little lip.  Besides a new medium is always fun.

14.  Resting spot

For glue sticks, popsicle sticks for spreading glue and other messy items between uses while crafting.

15.  Glitter Catcher

Place under glitter projects to catch excess glitter and make clean up a snap.

16.  Rainy Day Mobile

Punch a hole in various sizes, string on a piece of yarn and then have your child glue various bits and pieces they have collected on field trips or out of the craft bucket to create a fun, rainy day mobile.

17.  Word game, sentence builder

Write words on each lid and allow children to create a word wall, various sentences and encourage them to build words.  Once again, for those with fine motor skill struggles the lids are easier to pick up than index cards and paper.

18.  Miniature Frisbees

Use at parties with multiple children as quick temporary Frisbees.

19.  Fun Candy Décor

Add tissue paper and turn into Fun Candy Décor.  See examples and instructions here.

20.  Pebble Toss Game.

Add numbers 1-10.  Line up on ground at graduating distances and toss a flat stone.  This works hand/eye coordination, as well as depth perception.  Plus it is free and fun.

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  • By Leah, January 23, 2016 @ 1:09 pm

    Thanks for the fun (and useful) ideas. Some of these may be implemented soon, thanks to the snowy weather and a stir-crazy toddler!

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