8 Weeks To a Cleaner More Organized Home-Week 1

8 Weeks Week 1

Week 1

8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home

The  Outside Entry Area

For some the “entry area” may only be a small step, the front door and a small closet OR it could mean a driveway, sidewalk, porch, hallway, foyer and more.  We are going to plan as though you have the larger of the two but please remember you can mark off the tasks that do not apply to you.

Due to the fact we are working both indoors and out in week 1 (while the weather holds) this week will be shared in two sections.

Don’t forget to click here for suggestions on how to begin each area (including the entry).   After the assessment has been done it is time to begin the checklist you created.   Below is not only a checklist of what I hope to accomplish in my home but some tips and tricks to help make the process easier.  (I hope).


(Get your free printable here)

Your front door

(or back whichever you use).

 Start by removing with any loose dust, spider webs and dirt build up around and on your front door, surrounding siding, décor and furniture.

Tip: I simply grab a broom and whisk it into all the corners and along the siding, especially where I see loose dirt, dust or spiderwebs.

Remove and shake or vacuum rugs.

Remove furntiture, décor and rugs.

(Wipe or hose down as needed.)

For specific tips on cleaning outdoor furniture check out this great post from Jenn @ CleanandScentsible.com

Sweep entire porch, steps and sidewalk.

Clean your door and surrounding frame.

Tip:  I clean my door each season as I change my outside décor.   Using a damp rag and spray bottle with plain water as needed.

For more specific tips on how to clean your specific door type check out these tips .

Return your clean furniture, décor and rugs to your nicely spruced up porch.

BONUS Projects

  • Sweep and straighten driveway
  • Weed flower beds
  • Remove dead growth from gardens
  • Add fresh mulch
  • Power wash siding
  • Trim edges
  • Rake leaves
  • Check out some great leaf raking hacks here and here.
  • Clean and secure all gutters
  • Find a comprehensive gutter cleaning and repair how-to here.
  • Check roof
  • Clean and clear any drainage ditches
  • Spray for pests (if they are an issue).
  • Add a bit of color with a new wreath, rug, flag or plant
  • Replace batteries in solar lights
  • Replace missing or broken out door light bulbs

For more great ideas follow us  on Pinterest.

Share your progress and follow others in our facebook group at Clutter Overcomers (just ask to join).

I cant wait to see everyone’s progress!!!

I will be sharing “before and after” pics everyday but only on Facebook.


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