8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home- Week 4-Master Bedroom

8 Weeks to a Cleaner More oRganized Home Week 4


8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home

The Master Bedroom (and closet)

For some of you the idea of tackling your master bedroom is just a bit more than a little overwhelming but you can do it.

Look how far you’ve already come.

Remember,  we have a plan and any progress is good progress.

As you stand there quivering in your pretty little socked feet it’s time to review how we start any room in our “8 Week to a Cleaner, More Organized Home Assessment List”.

Remove any and all visible items that do no belong in the room (and empty the trash).

Tip: If this seems overwhelming break it into smaller projects.    Such as:  Floor, bed, top of dresser, book case, etc… OR  remove all trash, then dirty dishes, then dirty clothes, then old newspapers, other papers, receipts, etc…  Just use whatever method works for you.   Yes, as you move along you may discover additional trash, laundry, dishes, etc… that you missed.  Simply continue to work until everything is accomplished.

Doesn’t your home feel much lighter already?

Make your “small task to do list” with realistic time frames for completion.

Example: My bedroom would look something like the following:  Bookcase 1=30 minutes, Bookcase 2=30 minutes, Nightstand 1=20 minutes, Nightstand 2=20 minutes, Strip Bed=10 minutes, Strip Curtains=10 minutes, Top of Desk =10 minutes, etc…

Asses your list and highlight the items you wish to accomplish the most.

Do you want organize your drawers and closet?  Or would you prefer to clean and tackle the visible areas only and return to the drawers after the holidays?

For the sake of the “8 Week Challenge” as a whole we are going to proceed as though your room has been well maintained and only requires some straightening and touch-ups but please no matter what condition it is in, please continue to make progress at you own pace.

Grab that Swiffer, duster or broom you are now “best friends” with and dust those cobwebs, dust piles, and “what not” from your light fixtures, ceilings, corners, windows, return air vents, trim and any other hard to reach and neglected areas.

Yes, that amount of dirt came from your beautiful retreat.

If you were tripping over boxes and containers that should be dealt with, we suggest you do that now BEFORE you proceed. 

  It simply makes working in the room much easier.

Remove and wash/replace the curtains.

Clean windows, trim, edges and seals.

Dust or clean ALL blinds.

Wipe down all walls, window trim, wood trim, door frames and edges with a damp rag.   Being careful to pay attention to light switches, fingerprints, scuff marks and “artwork”.

Tip:  I have found Magic Erasers to be extremely helpful in removing a variety of stains from the wall.

Strip your bed

 Clean your pillows 

For great pillow cleaning tips click here.

Tip: We use washable pillow protectors on our pillows UNDER the pillow cases.   They are great for keeping allergens, sweat and stains off your pillows and only take seconds to toss in the washer when they are dirty.

Flip & Vacuum your mattress.

Yes, I suggested you vacuum your mattress.

I am going to assume that your vacuum cleaner is in relatively good condition and not used for vacuuming your workshop floor full of grease everyday.

Why should you vacuum your bed?   Read this article for the gritty details I don’t even want to mention here.

Tip:  We usemattress protectors to keep the stains and allergens at bay from our mattress and launder them monthly.

Vacuum under your bed frame.

Tip:   I recommend doing this step while you are flipping your bed and vacuuming your mattress.   It doesn’t take but a few extra minutes and can eliminate dirt and odors you didn’t even know were there.

Who knows you might find a few lost treasures, like the missing earring you couldn’t find for the past year, your “other” house shoe or that receipt for Target you were looking for just last month.

Tackle every other piece of furniture in the room: removing, dusting and polishing each item and surface.

Remember to ask yourself the following questions as you touch EACH item.

Is this item serving its purpose best here or would it serve me better somewhere else?

  Is this item bringing me joy or frustrating me by sitting out and creating more chaos?

Do not put it back if the answer is no. 

Dig deep and find a better home for it, whether it be in your house, the garbage, recycling or to donation.

MOVE and vacuum/sweep under/behind each and every piece of furniture.

Tip: I do this step when I empty the furniture to dust and polish it.  (Why empty it twice?)

Clean the entire floor

This includes the closet and can be done by sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and/or shampooing.

Replace/Rehang your bedding and curtains.

Step back and enjoy your success and new found retreat.


  • Empty and reorganize each and every drawer
  • Empty closet rod in sections and remove out of season clothing.
  • Remove stained and damaged clothing.  Placing them in the repair or rag pile.
  • Remove and donate or take to consignment any clothing that you do not wear.
  • Reorganize your closet rod so that everything is easy to find.   I do this by grouping “like items” together:  tanks tops, everyday wear short sleeved, dressier short sleeve, everyday long sleeve, etc…
  • Sort and purge your shoes and accessories
  • Sort and purge any additional items on your closet shelves or floor.
  • Add décor and special touches to make this room your “master retreat”.





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