Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer

Hair Bow and Earring Organizer DIY

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer

This amazingly simple but beautiful DIY Hair/Earring Organizer generally takes less than 20 minutes, unless extremely small hands are helping.

While searching for inspiration for today’s post I stumbled on these two materials and knew my daughter would love them as a new organizer.  We created additional matching organizers for her headbands and other accessories.  They can be found here and here.

This is particular organizer was created by wrapping 2 inch strips of jean colored fabric around the frame.

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer Supplies

Supplies you will need:

  • Picture frame (with hardware removed)
  • Material
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Accent items of choice


1.)  Begin by cutting the main material into strips.  We used 2 inch strips here, but you can use whatever size you are comfortable with.  (We recommend you practice wrapping the first strip to make certain you are comfortable with the width and can manage the corners neatly.)

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer Starting Point

2.)  Begin securing and wrapping at a corner.  Apply glue to the back and edge of the frame, apply end of material.  Pull forward tightly and wrap around the front, glue the next section of the back in place.

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer How To Corner

3.)  Begin wrapping, overlapping and applying glue as you cross the back and outside edge each time.  Repeat until first strip ends.  Then (see note) begin next strip.

NOTE:  Be certain to trim the end of each piece so that it stops in mid-back and is securely glued.  Overlay the next strip on top, to keep a solid flow.

Continue wrapping until finished.  Secure any loose “puffy” corners.

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer Finished Frame

4.)  Apply one inch strips (or ribbons) to back, using glue and pulling taut.

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer Add Ribbon

5.)  Attach a saw tooth hanger.  Or hanging method of choice.

6.)  Apply corner décor.  (We used 1 ½ inch cloth squares with Western Button Décor.)

Simple DIY Hair/Earring Organizer Finished Product

There you go, you have a wonderful country girl hair/earring organizer and you did it YOURSELF!

All of the items we used to create this product were leftovers from other products so our final cost was the hot glue only.

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