The Great Purge of 2014-The Lazy Susan

Who doesn’t love a lazy susan?

Lazy Susan Before I know I do!

Confession:  I am the queen of procrastination.

This post will not make it out until after midnight, not because I did not finish the project (it was done a week ago), not because I had an unexpected visit with my friend this evening, or even because my computer is slow, but because I am a procrastinator, as well as a hoarder collector.

We actually cleaned and reorganized our lazy susan last week when we organized the pantry.

My kids will tell you I don’t know how to stop when I get started organizing and cleaning.

It was so bad even my daughter, who despises organizing, was caught (on her own time) organizing the Koolaid, sauce, and seasoning packets while mumbling to herself, “What am I doing?”

Before the purge, our lazy susan was used for bowls, glass dishes, odds n ends groceries and anything else we could shove fit on the shelf.


As I was plotting my Pampered Chef shopping list and healthier eating, I also plotted a “reorganization plan” for our kitchen.

One, that allows me to easily reach the items I use the most.

(If I have to dig or bend for very long at the end of the day- it’s probably not going to happen.)

Thus, a plan was hatched. 

We (my girls and I) emptied the entire lazy susan, cleaned the shelves and base, then began to reload it with the items we felt were most important.

Including my glass bowls, strainers and odd shaped cutting tools from Pampered Chef (cheese grater, cheese knife, V-cutter, etc…) 

The Pampered Chef items had been buried in a different, hard to reach, lower cabinet across the room.

 I do not use these tools everyday but would use them much more if they were easily accessible!


Yes, I must confess, I have a lot of glass bowls.  Why?  I honestly do not know.  As we were “purging,” I kept asking myself :

WHY do I have so many glass bowls?

WHICH ones should I get rid of?

WHAT do I use each one for?

The final answers.  I do not know, except I absolutely do not like to mix food in plastic.  I chose not to get rid of any.

Another confession:  I have 3 more on the mixer- 2 of which are specially designed for it.

I use them for stuff- I keep the blue one just because it is pretty to serve in; heaven help the person who tries to mix in it.

Previously, the bowls had been intermixed on the shelves, and due to the instability of my back and hands it would often sit on the counter until someone else could put them away “properly”.

Now I can stack them neatly on the top shelf without struggling.

Our lazy susan is located in a base cabinet.

My glass bowls and PC items share the shelf with the flour, hot chocolate and “breakfast items”.

Top Shelf Lazy Susan After Breakfast items

The bottom shelf now holds only baking items.

Honestly, I am uncertain as to why I keep the Corelle.  I seldom, if at all, use it.

As you can see, most of the baking items that come in powdered form are in sealed plastic containers.

My wonderful daughter demonstrated why during this very project.

Due to the fact we have four curious kitties I asked my youngest to stay by the cabinet while I ran to the restroom- MISTAKE!  Forget the kitties; BEWARE of the curious kid!  I returned to find white powder on the floor, her hair, clothes, legs, etc… and her sitting in the exact same spot I left her running the dust buster.  Please keep in mind my youngest is 14 years old.  She “decided” to look in the pancake box someone had opened and not re-packaged.  Her comment on my return was, “I just looked in the box, Mom!”  Yep, and squeezed the box, holding the unsealed bag of loose white powder.  From there it seemed like a storyline from If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.  It took longer to clean her and the floor than it did to empty, clean and organize the entire lazy susan.  It was a good laugh, especially when I told her to use a damp paper towel to remove the rest.  “But, Mom, it’ll turn sticky!” 

We have had the new system in place now for just over a week, and I l-o-v-e it!

I can find everything in seconds, put almost everything away, and I am much more willing to cook from scratch.

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