The Great Purge of 2014-Outside

Yep, today’s purge was accomplished outside, in the fresh air.

The weekend’s projects included weeding the flower beds and gardens, trimming the rose bushes, adding new mulch and realigning the rock trim we put in place last year.  The butterflies seem to think we did a good job because as soon we came in I saw 3 or 4 flitting around out back.

 Our Garden Spots (They are a little sparse this year)



The new mulch looks great and cost just under $12.00 for 4 bags of the Scotts Nature Scapes Red Mulchfom Walmart.

The trim rocks were free, we dug them up from my parent’s old garage area, bought them home and laid them out.  Our only complaint has been the fact they tend to get “rearranged” when the kids play in the area or someone goes wild with the weed eater.  My wonderful oldest daughter realigned them for me so we could visit while I pulled weeds and trimmed rosebushes.

We worked on several other projects this weekend but these are the ones we considered finished. As much as weeding can be “completed” in the summer.

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