Handpainted Wooden Easter Egg Bunny How To w/video

Adorable Handpainted Wooden Easter Egg Bunny How-To w/Video

Aqua Handpainted Bunny

Supplies Needed:

1.5 inch wooden heart

1 3/4″ by 2 1/2 ” Wooden Egg (Regularly priced at $1.99 for a bag of 4 at Hobby Lobby.)

White or Beige Pom-Pom (This depends on the color of your bunny.)

White or Beige 2 inch square material



Black Fine-tip Sharpie

Drill with 1/8 in bit

Paint & Brush (I prefer Delta Ceramcoat– We used Black, White, Ivory, Terra cotta (nose), Aqua & Burgundy Rose (cheeks).)

Hot Glue Gun

Old Toothbrush (optional)

Clear coat (optional) We use Rustoleum American Accents 2z Coverage Clear

Printable PDF found here -> Thrifty Handpainted Wooden Easter Egg Bunnies Printout

Video Tutorial

Drill holes for the ears approximately 1/2 inch apart at top of egg.  Wipe clean.

Paint the entire egg white or beige, paint top and sides of heart.  Allow to dry.

While egg is drying trace and cut bunny ears from your chosed material.  See printout.


Paint a second layer of white or beige on the top 1/2 of the egg and apply a 2nd coat to heart top and sides.

Practice painting faces while 2nd coat is drying.  (See video and print out)

Bunny faces to paint

These are some of the faces you can create.

Paint bottom of heart and finish the edges.

Paint the bottom of egg with your clothing color (we chose aqua).  Allow to dry.

Apply second coat if needed.

Paint the face you have chosen- refer to print out and video for ideas remember to use your imagination.

Add accents to clothing- i.e. pockets, hearts, buttons, suspenders, ribbons, etc…  Allow to dry.

Apply flecking if desired.- See video

Allow to dry COMPLETELY.

Spray with sealant.  I prefer to seal all my crafts with either an indoor/outdoor non-yellowing sealant.  It protects them from scratching, moisture, sun, etc…

When the sealant is dry, glue bottom of egg to painted heart to create feet.

Insert ears by adding glue to each ear hole and using a toothpick to push bottom edge of each ear in- be certain to “fold” each ear so that it rounds towards the front.  See video for more details if needed.

Glue on the tail and bunny is ready to go!

Check out this bunny family for face and clothing inspirations.

Handpainted Easter Bunnies

A Variety of Bunnies

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