Labeled Baskets (Finally!)

I did it!

I manage to label the closet baskets with pretty labels and I love it!

Master CLoset Organization Makeover Baskets 2

It looks so much better than before.

Master Closet In Transition Shelves

Don’t you think?

Now, I know the baskets do not match and I do not intend to make the investment to make them do so.

I cannot believe how long it took me to muster the courage to try to create these labels.

And they were so cheap and easy to create.

I used these adorable chalkboard labels from Dollar Store.


Labels 2

And backed them with signs I created on my Cricut from shiny posterboard.

(I scored for .25 cents each at Hobby Lobby)

I painted the words so they will not come off and then safety pinned them to the baskets so that we aren’t wearing out ribbons when we grab the handles.

After all the procrastinating I did the final product didn’t take very long at all and looks great.

Master Closet Organization Makeover-Baskets

What do you think?


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