Monday Menu #22

monday-menu-22Menu Monday #22


Lunch:  Leftovers

Supper:  Taco Salad



Lunch:  Leftovers

Supper:  Chicken in Cream of Chicken Soup with Garlic & Rice, Salad


Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Cheese & Crackers @ Park OR Hot Chocolate & Muffins @ Home

Dinner:  Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & Apple Pie


Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Apples & Peanut Butter with Milk or Cider

Dinner:  Hamburgers, Potato Soup & Salad


Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Smores with Milk

Dinner:  Pizza & Chips


Lunch:  Taco Salad with Guests

Dinner:  Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans, Corn on the cob,  Apple Pie (Guests)



Lunch:  Leftovers

Dinner:  Grill

Breakfast will include scrambled eggs, cereal, yogurt, Eggos, waffles and oatmeal with fruit.

Monday Menu #22

Shopping List

This week I spent a bit above my weekly budget of $125 because our local stores were having some two day sales on meat and dairy products, plus I took hubby shopping and he grabbed some bonus items.  We took the meat and divided it into meal size portions for the freezer, cooked extra for lunches on the grill & tossed an entire package of chicken in the crock pot to precook for the freezer and first two meals of the week.



2 45 oz. Country Crock @ $3.49 each less 2 $1.00 printable coupons @

5 Yogurts @ 2/$0.88

Meat Dept.  @ $6.99 less $2.00  meat coupon

Boneless Chuck Steak @ $3.62 less $1.00 meat coupon

Boneless Chuck Steak @ $5.44 less $1.00 meat coupon

Sirloin Tip Steak @ $5.00 les $1.00 meat coupon

Sliced Mixed Pork Chops @ $6.30 less $1.00 meat coupon

2 Ground Turkey Rolls @ 2/$1.00 each

4 Lays @ 2/$4.00

2 Tortilla Chips @ 2/$4.00

26 oz. Salt $0.49

Sunbeam King Sandwich Bread $1.99

1 gallon Milk $2.99

Boneless Chicken Breast $9.33

Boneless Chicken Breast $9.43

2 5 lbs. Russet Potatoes @ $0.99 each

14 oz. Carmel Apple Dip $1.99

Lettuce $1.49

Total: $74.96


County Market

Penny Pinchers

2 Elbow Macaroni $0.79 each

2 Spaghetti $0.79 each

2 Day Sale

Purex Free & Clear $2.99

2 Prairie Farms Vanilla Ice Cream @ $3.99 each

2 Prairie Farms Cottage Cheese @ $1.88

2 Prairie Farms Sour Cream @ $1.88 each

Organic Waffles $2.50

Weekly Ad

Kraft Singles $1.88

5 Kraft Shredded Cheese @ $1.88 each

3 6pk. Pepsi @ $2.00 each

2 Dr. Pepper @ $2.00

2  A&W Root Beer @ $1.97 each

Total: $65.71


2 Cases of Water $3.98

Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.77 Less $1.00 Newspaper Coupon

12 Pack Gatorade $5.98


Doritos 2/$5

$160.42 Total

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