Secret Project Reveal – Project #2

Here it is!

Reveal number 2!

And I bet you can more or less guess what the final project might be BUT I am going to keep dragging out the final reveal.

To be honest the overall SECRET PROJECT is much farther along than this update shows but as I said I am only going to share one big project at a time.

This is the wall I was working on before:

Special Project #2 Area Before

As my family will tell you I have a bad habit of getting worn out or distracted and leaving one mess (if I can’t see it) to work on another but I am determined to complete this project in depth and in detail and so far I am doing a good job.

(If I may say so myself.)

I started with this particular never-ending mess.

If we take something medium sized to the basement and it doesn’t have an easily accessible home we will often drop it here in this stack of baskets.

Many items of the items found didn’t have a proper location in our house.  It needed to be created.

Of course, these baskets were not the only thing I purged today.   I also worked on purging and organizing the rest of the totes along the wall too.

The after photo of our purging and organizing.

Project 2 Wall Area After

Now for the FUN part!

Have you guessed what it is?

  • Project #2 Completed

 Yes, a counter to use and store things under.

Please take a good long look because we all know that this counter will not remain this beautiful and pristine once we start using it.

Clean and Shiny Counter

Stay tuned since we have even more exciting things to reveal in the next few days.

I couldn’t be happier but it this project requires a lot of work (both visible and invisible) so please be patient and I will share our next BIG project in a few days.

( I have discovered it is hard to plan, purge, organize, build and blog ALL in one day while trying to keep my house from falling apart).

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