Sharing Sunday #5 2015

Kitchen Valentine Decor

Hello again from frozen central Illinois.

We are currently covered in a shiny, white, winter wonderland and expect even more tomorrow.

Since it is 10:30 pm here I am unable to share a photo from tonight but here is yesterday’s pic when it first started coming down.

Yesterday's Snow

It has not been an overly protective week for Treasured Tidbits as a blog.

We have shared only one post for the week and for this time in our lives I am comfortable with that.

Let me share why.

In case you were unaware I also launched a chronic/invisible illness blog called “The Zippy Zebra”  I began last Sept/Oct. and recently began a new series I have been contemplating for the past year.

This new series involves sharing “Real Life Stories” of people who struggle everyday day with illnesses and syndromes including cancer, Lupus, Asthma, EDS, POTS, MCAD, Lyme, Marfan’s, Depression, Autism, Aspergers, Fibro, and more.

If you would be interested in checking it out feel free to click here.

Valetine Wreath Decor With Burlp Wreath

I did get the house decorated in time for Valentine’s Day but I did not find time to share it on the blog so I thought I would share a little here.

Monday we shared the “God Is Love” Valentine’s Day Banner I created for less than $1.00 here.

God IS Love Valentine Banner How To Photo

Tuesday was a bit insane as we had several appointments, I petitioned for my daughters early graduation due to medical issues, the new series launched at The Zippy Zebra and I had 3 meetings in the evening.

Wednesday & Thursday didn’t seem to slow down any with more doctors appointments and my usual migraine.

Friday began with a call from my daughter’s school with good news.  We are finally finding our way around the program and providing the items they need.  Yippee!

I spent the day giving the house a good cleaning and then baked cookies with my youngest for a singles “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party.

Valentines Day Cookies

Right as we finished with the cookies we had an unexpected adorable 3 week old guest (with his family) and I decided it was time to just chill and hold the baby.

I mean who can resist an adorable 8 lb bundle of joy?

After that it was movie time (on the couch) for me and hubby (a rare event at our house).

My son joined us after work.

Saturday, brought a great visit from my momma and sister and then another movie on the couch with my youngest (my oldest has too much back pain to join us or she would have been involved too).

Saturday evening brought a little upheaval and a little surprise from my youngest.

In the excitement of having company she forgot her to take her allergy medication in the morning and proceeded to have an MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) reaction in the evening.

This means I got to spend the evening on the sofa while she tried to sleep and fight the reaction and remained there until 8:00am.  My wonderful hubby let me sleep in until 12:30 once I made it to our bed and then made lunch with my youngest because she was feeling slightly better and wanted to try a new recipe.

After that nap and a few hours to get my silly body in to cooperate my hubby helped me finish packing and storing my overabundance of Christmas decorations.

It took a little while but it is such a relief to have it finished.

I do have an agenda for Treasured Tidbits this week but since life is such a roller coaster of events right now and I need to be with my kids more than ever I am going to leave you with a POSSIBLE blog schedule for the week.

Monday- Fun Paper Project (I am going to let my girls choose)

Tuesday-How to make my bedroom tiebacks

Wednesday-Home Décor or organization project (girls can choose)

Thursday-A bedroom update

Friday-Recycling ideas

Im not sure what will get accomplished and what will be let go but I do know my time with my children will be well spent and is the most important part of everyday.


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