Sharing Sunday #6

Yep, it has been a REALLY slow week on Treasured Tidbits again this week and as I shared on our Facebook Page I will be reducing the number of posts shared here.

I will continue to share both holiday, seasonal and household crafts projects and a few updates on the changes in my home but I will not be following a regular schedule.

As many of you know my daughters and I struggle with a rare illness called EDS and my youngest been diagnosed with additional rare diseases.

My youngest is now home schooled through a challenging on-line program and my eldest is home full time due to severe debilitating back pain.

As you can imagine both of these situations have thrown a monkey wrench in my blog plans for Treasured Tidbits.

Chinese Proverb Quit

Last fall I was called to begin a blog for others struggling with chronic and invisible illnesses and I did.

I share tips, ideas and awareness for ALL chronic/invisible illnesses and physical challenges.

In the past 30 days it has really begun to spread and reach out consuming even more of the free time I mange to scrounge up.

After quite a bit of prayer, struggling and trying to make it all work I have decided to spend more time with my family and my chronic illness blog and a little less crafting and sharing on here.

I also have two SECRET projects in the making that I am not discussing with anyone.

I promise I will share when the time is right.

I also began a “Closed” support group for people who struggles with accomplish everyday tasks due to pain, depression, physical handicap, chronic illness, etc…  It is a small group and we support one another regularly.  It has been named Celebrating Each Day, Each Project, Each Accomplishment at a time.  If you would be interested in joining please feel free to follow this link and request to join.

Because so many of my family and friends follow my life happenings through Treasured Tidbits I will continue with the Sharing Sunday updates but they may contain some mixed posts (Both from the Zippy Zebra and here) as well as what is happening in our regular household.

So without further ado.

The week of 2/16/2015-2/22/2015


I attempted to do a “preplanned project” with my girls that didn’t quite go as planned but we had a blast for the 10 minutes we tried to hang out together.

(Becca had to return to the bed due to pain but she tried.)

Instead we scrounged around in the hoarder’s pile and  found some Dr. Pepper lids.

They inspired us to create some fun, easy, flowers.

Quick, Fun Dr. Pepper FLowers

Find the instructions here.

I also shared a household post at the Zippy Zebra on dishwasher pac storage.

DIshwasher Pac Storage


Found me dropping off more donations and consignments, mailing our monthly contest items from The Zippy Zebra, grabbing groceries and taking Becca to therapy.

I was so excited to have my first MIGRANE-FREE Tuesday in months but then I slipped walking on our tiled floor and managed to damage a large portion of my body.


Was spent cleaning house, doing homework, on-line research and promoting both my blogs.  I bought two new books on EDS and even a fun new t-shirt.


Yes, I spent money.


Found us getting the van worked on, and me knocked out with an awful case of the flu.

I woke up ready to tackle the world but in just a few hours I was freezing to death and couldn’t warm up.

I even threatened to climb into my steaming cup of hot cocoa just to get warm.

Hot Chocolate in a mug

I,  of course, didn’t fit so I opted for a warm bath and spent the day tucked in bed while my babies took care of me.

Thankfully I created our “Real Life Series” post the evening before.

 Each week we share a personal story (in the words of that person) about their life with a chronic illness.   To check it out click here.


The flu clung to me well into the weekend so even Friday I wasn’t able to complete much more than the very basic household chores and more on-line research.

Then pizza (for my family), soup (for me), a warm fire and a movie topped off our Friday night.


I felt a smidgen better and decided to attack the odds and ends left to do in our bedroom and since hubby was home that is exactly what we did.

We treated and cleaned the carpet, cleaned and repaired our blanket chest then removed all the handles on the furniture so I could clean them later and treat the wood now.

Look how shiny it is?

(This is where I admit I haven’t cleaned and replaced the handles yet because my energy level ran out but I will soon, I promise.) 

Saturday wasn’t all work and play there were some fun times as well.

My youngest did my hair and makeup and then I did hers.

Rachel and Me

(Yes, we match.)

After crashing and burning on the sofa I received a surprise request to submit some stories and art work for an upcoming chronic illness book.


I was in too much pain to create a well thought out story and I already shared Rebecca’s school paper about EDS she had written here so I submitted it for editing.

My Daughter’s Journey to Dealing With EDS and it’s Setbacks.

Then I set down with my computer and Rachel and we wrote a story from “A 14 year Old Girl’s Point Of View”.

Rachel Poem

You can read her POEM here.

The Story of Me.

I had no clue the impact it would make.

We tossed it together in less than an hour and then shared it on a few support groups.

It was a HIT!

After that I began jotting down my story in bits and pieces in a spare notebook just in case they needed more material (and I have a lot thanks to EDS), 12 pages later and a VERY rough draft and I am still not finished.


Today I am still weak and tired but laundry needed to be done and I chose to do a few more things in our bedroom since hubby could do the lifting then it was back to the computer to respond to the AMAZING responses Rachel’s poem received.

I cant believe how many shares, views and private comments we have received, especially considering the limited number of people I originally shared the post with.


I have no clue what this week is going to hold besides time before the school board petitioning for my daughter’s early graduation, two doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, play practice and work on props.

Anything else is going to be icing on the cake.

Here’s hoping your week is full of TIDBITS you TREASURE at the end of the day.


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