Sharing Sunday

Hope this week and the warmer weather has been great for everyone!

I won’t say that it was overly productive for our house, but we made it through.

My fingertips have improved, but now I am unable to walk much.

I made it to work at Music Boosters concessions yesterday, then down to the basement to tackle a small mess.

Basement totes

This pile is just waiting on the other items to go into the closet to be put away.

I did, however, put my down time to good use: updating old posts and learning how to improve the ones I am creating.  (Opinions and suggestions are always welcome.)

We made upcycled candy on Monday (which my son tried to eat on Tuesday).

Tissue Paper Candy.

On Tuesday, I shared the deep cleaning and physical changes I made in the master bedroom (thanks to my hubby’s help).

Far Wall Before

Wednesday was a look back over last years favorite DIYs, since I wasn’t mobile.

Completed handpainted round Stepping Stone

Thursday found me in tears as I shared my memory shelves and the stories behind them.

wedding memory shelf

On Thursday, I also found my new secret weapon (this luxurious grey sheet) at Goodwill for $1.99 and will be repurposing it in our bedroom.  Using it for no less than 5 projects.  Wanna guess what they are?

Secret Weapon

While Friday was filled with fun ways to reuse plastic lids.


Next week’s line up includes?

No idea.

It will be a surprise for both of us, since I do not know if I will be mobile or not.

SO, I guess you will need to check in and see.

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