I am Thankful for Creation


In the beginning God CREATED the heavens and the Earth

Genesis 1:1 KJV

I am thankful that He created and He gave us, as humans, the ability to dream and create as well.

I am Thankful for Creation

He didn’t create us as earthworms, to spend all day in the dirt-taking shelter where we can, getting stepped on by things MUCH larger than us, being eaten by birds, shriveling in the sun or drowning in the rain.

He didn’t create us as vultures, flying around scavenging on dead bodies.  He created us as people.  People whom he enabled to make choices, creations and decisions.  Even better, he created an entire world to stimulate those creative urges and the five senses to enjoy them.

He could have created us to be more like the animals   Birds-creating their nests, butterflies with their cocoons or beavers with their dams.   Each possess the innate ability to build their own shelter but don’t purposely create something unique each time.  Don’t get me wrong, each of these is wonderful in its own unique way, but I have yet to see a “bedazzled” cocoon.

People on the other hand cannot ONLY build our own shelter but can create with variety.  We can make it short or tall, plain or stylish, semi-permanent or portable.  We were not created to be identical,  moving along by rote, doing the exact same thing as the body next to us.  We have been each been given unique talents.  Where would we be if they hadn’t discovered and shared electricity, cars, boats, glass, metal?

We have been given the ability to create and in that development we have been given so many new mediums FAR past dirt, rocks, flowers and trees (not that I don’t enjoy using these mediums).   We even have a faster way to share them called technology.

That is what we hope to do at Treasured Tidbits.  Share the creativity that God has blessed us and others with-whether through encouragement, sharing thrifty or creative ideas or solving everyday household problems.

  God has given everyone a special talent, not to keep to ourselves but to share with others and today I want to thank Him for it.


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