5 DIY Hair Supply Organization Ideas

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 5 DIY Hair Supply Organization Ideas

Using every day items from home.

When my girls were younger and I worked outside the home I became frustrated time after time with finding broken or missing hair items.

At the time, finances were tight and space was limited so organizers from the store were not an option.

One Saturday when I was frustrated beyond the usual level we began searching for “on-hand” items we could use to control the mess.

We began by trying out different items in our home.  We found that Quaker Oat containers were perfect to place headbands on and for storing the essentials such as combs, brushes, etc…. inside.

We tried to use Pringles cans for the stretchy hair ties (keeping to the food container theme) but they seemed to stretch them to the limit so we tossed that idea and found part of an old closet rod we could use instead.    

 (We found that these work well for bracelets too.)

At the time, we simply painted everything to match the trim in our girls’ room, mounted it to the wall and solved some  of our problems.

(They still didn’t put themselves away but the messes did get better.)

We have since upgraded to more “fashionable” designs but kept to the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto and created organizers suitable to their individual rooms.

The best part has been creating them together and sharing some mother/daughter time.

Here are 5 Hair Supply Organization ideas that have worked well for us.

1.)  Hang hair clips and larger barrettes on outgrown belts.  We prefer bright colored ones made from material because they are easier to snap the barrettes onto and prevent slippage.

Hair Supply Organization Barrettes on Belts

 2.)  Braided ribbons to hang smaller barrettes and special bobby pins on.  Simply clip or tie 3 contrasting ribbons (or yarns) together, braid and hang.  This one is perfect for those tiny baby and toddler clips or barrettes.

 Use Ribbon to Organize Your Hair Bows & Barrettes

3.)  Hot Chocolate Headband Holder.  Hot chocolate, coffee or oatmeal cans mounted to a piece of wood make the perfect headband holder.  These can be mounted to the wall or set on a shelf.

Hot Chocolate Headband Organizer How To

4.)  Dowel/Paper Towel Ponytail Holder- We prefer the dowels but have been known to use paper towel holders when in short supply.  These work well for bracelets too and can be mounted to the wall or set on a shelf.

Dowel Rod Hair Tie & Bracelet Organizer DIY

 5.)  Picture Frame Hair Bow Holder– Works well for smaller and larger hair clips.

 Quick Hair Bow Organizer How To Using an Old Frame

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