8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home- Week 2-The Living Rooms

8 Weeks to A Cleaner More Organized Home Week 2


The Living Room(s)

8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home


You have completed week one and should have a cleaner, more organized entry to show for it.

Doesn’t it feel great to come home and be greeted with an inviting entrance rather than a unwelcoming mess?

Now to make your living room(s) just as clean and inviting.

Why does it say room(s), you ask?

Because some of us have more than one “living area”.

In our home we refer to these as the “living room” and “family room”.

The “family room” is in the basement and where the kids hang out more than I do but it still needs to be cleaned.

How will we start this week?

No big surprises.

Remember to refer to the 8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home-Getting Started list for how to start.

Remove ALL visible items that do not belong.

  I realize you may have done this just a few short days ago but please do it again before you try to clean or organize.

Start at the top.

Use a Swiffer, Duster or Broom with an old sock attached to dust the ceiling, walls, door frames, trim, ceiling fan, wall mounted décor, window frames, blinds and other hard to reach areas.  

Be sure to catch all cobwebs, dust piles and any other loose dirt.

Remove and replace/wash all curtains.

If you switch your curtains for the various seasons now is a good time to do it.

Clean/dust your blinds.

(Yes, we dust them regularly but we deep clean them at least once a year.)

Tip:   To keep your blinds from becoming overly dusty simply run your Swiffer or duster over them each time you dust the main areas.

Wash the windows.

(You will be amazed at the difference this makes even if they don’t appear to be dirty).

For tips on cleaning blinds click here .

Wipe down the walls

Being sure to tackle the easily visible areas first.  Such as light switches, fingerprints, crayon marks and smudges.

I find a damp rag and Magic Eraser will tackle most jobs but if that doesn’t cut it you can find more great suggestions here.

Tackle all non-cloth furniture and accessories.

Such as TV stand and TV, electronics, end tables, coffee table, bookcases, mantel, etc…

Remove and dust each item.

Wiping off each surface and item as you go.

  Make a conscience decision about where you want to store each item?

Move, dust, sweep, mop, vacuum under and behind each piece of furniture.

You may be amazed at the treasures and spider webs you “discover” there.

Cloth Furniture

If possible try to vacuum, clean and move each piece one at a time.   I realize some of you may have one piece of cloth furniture while others may have seven.

  How much time you can spend on this project is entirely up to you.

For tips on cleaning your specific type of fabrics be sure to use the internet for quick tips and tricks.

Sweep, Mop, Dust and/or Vacuum the Edges and Floor

Yes, we already did this under the furniture but we need to do the main floor.


  • Shampoo Carpet or Furniture
  • Wax Floors
  • Find better organization for items stored in your living area.
  • Replace/Repair any broken or damaged items
  • Touch up scratched or nicked furniture
  • Touch up any scratches on the walls, trim or baseboards
  • Add toss pillows, candles, area rugs, etc… to create an inviting room
  • Clean floor vents and any return air vents to help clear the air and create a healthier home

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