8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home- Week 3- The Dining Room

Week 3

8 Weeks to a Cleaner, More Organized Home

The Dining Room

8 Weeks to a Cleaner More Organized Home week 3 The Dining Room

Way to go!

You have made it to Week 3 and you have a cleaner and more organized entry way and living room to show for it.

Now it is time to tackle the room that is very often the “catch all” for loose papers, odd items and anything else we tend to not have a home for.

The Dining Room

TIP:If you do not have a dining room please pick another area of your home to work on.  This will help keep your momentum going and help you stay on track OR back up and catch any items you missed in the previous areas.

As always we suggest you start with the basic assessment list and removing ANY items that do not belong in this room.

Clear the table, cabinets, floor and shelves of ALL unnecessary items.

For some of you this may take 10 minutes and other may take an entire day or more.

Just remember that ANY progress is progress.

Grab a Swiffer, duster, old broom covered with a sock, etc… and dust the walls from the ceiling down making sure to dust the ceiling fans, light fixtures, corners, trim, woodwork and hard to reach edges.

(By working from the top down you make sure you aren’t knocking dirt onto already clean surfaces)

Remove and wash the blinds and curtains.

(Click here for hacks and tips to make this task easier and less daunting).

Wash and shine windows, sliding doors, mirrors, etc…

Tip:  Be sure to take a swipe at the trim, base and edges with a damp rag as well.  It gives the entire area a fresher look.

Remove every item from every surface making sure to dust and polish as you go.

Tip 1:  This may be too large of a job to complete at once.  
If this is the case break it down into manageable sections to tackle one at a time.  (Top shelf, middle shelf, bottom shelf, right cabinet, left cabinet, etc…)
Tip 2:  Swiffers and q-tips are excellent tools to reach places where dust LOVES to accumulate but your fingers cannot reach.

Before returning ANY item to it’s original spot take into consideration if it truly belongs there and/or would it serve you better in another location.

Clean globes, ceiling fan, replace light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries if needed.

Wipe down walls, doors trim and baseboards using extra care on light switches, smudges, scuff marks and wall art.

I love our Mr Clean Magic Eraserfor all the spots a damp rag will not get.
TIP:   Now is the time to touch up any paint damage with a small paint brush and matching paint.

Polish and shine your tables and chairs.
I recommend touching up any scratches, or dents, tightening loose legs and making any other repairs during this step.  

Tip:  If you have hard to reach surfaces q-tips work amazingly well to reach in the crevices like the decorative trim on that antique table and chairs.

If you have cloth cushions now would be the time to vacuum and clean them as well.

Scrub the floor.


Your dining room is now clean organized!

Step back, take a photo and share your great successes in the comments below or in our Facebook group.


  • Polish any brass or silver
  • Create an awesome centerpiece
  • Add touches of décor
  • Assess your storage methods and decide if their might be a way to improve upon them.
  • Make a list of any repairs or changes that might need done.


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