90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days

90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days


Ways We Saved On Groceries & Cooking

Switched to yogurt and OJ from Aldi’s

Packed meals & snacks when traveling

Packed drinks for ANY out of the house trip.  The temperatures here have been awful and we dehydrate very quickly.

Planned menus based on items we had on hand


Planned menus based on current sales

Checked ALL local flyers before shopping

Adjusted recipes to use up items we had on hand and avoid spending extra

Purchased generic cereal

Bought deeply discounted shredded and block cheese to freeze & use in cooked dishes later

Made potato soup from scratch

Made our homemade bread coating from scratch while the oven was still warm

Shopped clearance for meat markdowns, dairy and bakery items

Bulk cooked meat for the freezer

Chopped and cooked peppers and zucchini for the freezer

Adjusted our menu plan to use up leftovers

Carried a cooler in the van to take advantage of markdowns when out and about

Ways We Saved In The Home

Took advantage of our electric program’s discount hours

Worked diligently to use every.last.drop. of our toiletries and cleaning supplies, by tipping them upside down and scraping them clean.


Added water to our bathroom cleaner to make it last and use up the last drop

Made laundry soap, dish detergent, and general cleaner from scratch.


Turned off lights when not in use

Made homemade Clorox wipes

Ran the dishwasher and washer only when they were full

Let heavy clothing items dry part way on a drying rack BEFORE placing them in the dryer

Pulled damp items from from the dryer and allowed them to air dry

Quickly switched each dryer load to conserve the heat while the dryer was already warm

Used up produce from our garden and friends

Menu Monday Garden Fresh CHerry Tomatoes

Used vinegar for cleaning

Used Dawn dish soap to remove grease and oil stains from laundry

Used vinegar to removed odors from clothing

Treated and scrubbed arm pit stains to save some of our favorite clothes

Turned used paper into scratch paper for notes

Used cloth napkins

Used party napkins & plates I found in the “Party Supply” box that were too damaged for a party, but could be used in the home.  Waste not.  Want not.

Watered indoor plants from left over cups and bottles

Added water to a dried out baby wipes container to extend their life

Purged the garage so we could find ALL the things we want and need instead of buying more

Used Ice Cream Buckets to freeze large amounts and transport ice safely and cleanly

Printed on the front & back to save paper

Turned the air conditioner up a few degrees when away from home

Did laundry in the morning to reduce house heat (and closed the laundry room door)

Used this tool to clean drains each month

Had our air conditioner/furnace serviced

Ways We Saved by Budgeting, Banking & Paying Bills

Made a point of transferring funds to avoid charges for low balances

Made a point to pay off our Lowe’s bill weeks before the due date

Added hospital bills to our check by check budget

Created a spreadsheet for incoming hospital bills, including those that are anticipated

Deleted Store Ads Emails before opening

Donated to a fundraiser INSTEAD of buying product.  It cost me less and the girls received more.

Created a spreadsheet to keep track of spending, to better control our budget


Ways We Saved While Socializing & In Entertainment

Created decor items for a friend’s baby shower (details to come)

Created my own printables for the same baby shower


Prepared the food and punch for the baby shower

Downloaded a FREE book from Amazon Prime’s monthly program

Checked our “party/gift supply” box before buying shower items

Used on-hand stickers to decorate my new organizer

Bagged ice from our house to use in the punch at the baby shower

Returned unused shower items

Took advantage of “Happy Hour” at Taco Bell and Steak n Shake

Completed our own manicures & pedicures

Ways We Saved On Decor

Updated the paint on my mom’s outdoor crafts INSTEAD of replacing them

Used sealant to spray the outdoor crafts at my mom’s to make them last longer

Upcycled an empty flower pot for our new herbs

Waited for 2 years and purchased the PERFECT large flower pot for Grandad’s HUGE tree, on clearance at Walmart


Cleaned outdoor items before storing for the fall/winter season

Found up-cycled storage solutions using items we had on hand

Ways We Saved On Shopping

Searched & printed coupons from Coupons.com

Printed Prairie Farms Coupons

Printed International Delight Coupons from my emails

Searched LivingRichWithCoupons for each item on our shopping list

Used Kellogg’s Family Reward Coupons

Uploaded and Used Kroger Free Friday Downloads

Kroger Free Friday Download

Used Kroger Best Customer Digital Coupons for Free Items and Great Deals

best customer bonus coupon kroger

Uploaded and Used the Target Cartwheel

Printed and Used Target Coupons

Used the Target Redcard

Used Target Discount Cards we received in the mail


Cashed in Kmart Shop Your Way Reward Points


Uploaded and Used Digital Coupons from Kmart.com and Shop Your Way Rewards


Earned and Cashed in Walgreen’s Balance Rewards


Used County Market Penny Pinchers


AVOIDED stores

Made a point of using the BOGO coupons we had on the only body wash my daughter isn’t allergic to

Took advantage of Prime Day in July and purchased 3 items we had wanted for the past year at a big discount

Used Walmart Savings Catcher redemptions to purchase supplies

Stuck to my shopping list and budget!!!  This was hard.

Other Ways We Saved

Planned in town errands to conserve time, energy and gas

Planned out of town trips and errands to include shopping, consignment drop offs, business activities and more.  Definitely saving time, energy and gas.

Bought belts, for my son who is always losing them, for $.89 on clearance at Walgreens

Cancelled a prescription I no longer needed

Created a schedule to use our time, gas, stove, dryer, and gas wisely

Cleaned up my personal emails and discovered coupons and freebies


Made the kids pay for their own purchases

Used thrift shop credit to purchase a blind for blog photos

Said NO to myself and others, repeatedly


Bought our flea treatment in bulk.  It costs more up front but saves us in the long run.  Buy 6 Get 2 Free from our vet’s office

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