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90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days

90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days


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Monday Menu #8

Monday Menu:  Week 8

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25 Simple Ways We Saved This Week

25 Simple Ways We Saved This Week


25 Ways We Saved This Week

1.)  We stayed home.

Yep, very simple.  We did not participate in shopping online or in store the day after Christmas

2.)  We created a paycheck by paycheck budget for 2016, beginning with the check we received on Christmas (we get paid bi-weekly).  My wonderful hubby even created a spreadsheet to update as I change the numbers when bill amounts fluctuate.  (Saving me a huge amount of time doing math each month.)

3.)  We were blessed with perishable groceries from an unusual source.

We have a family friend leaving for a short family visit and they asked if we wanted to consume their perishables while they were gone.  Of course!  A gallon of milk, some fresh, crisp apples and other assorted items means we saved at least $10 we would otherwise have spent on perishables this week.

4.)  We joined and uploaded receipts to Receipt Hog.

We earned 280 coins by uploading this week’s receipts (for any store), filling in our information, playing a free “pull” and confirming our email.  If you would like to earn free money that can be cashed in for PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards, I suggest you sign up too.  If you use this code SKAN9388 when you sign up, we will both receive a free “spin”.  ( My first spin earned me 14 coins towards those gift cards).  I figure I already spent the money at the store, a few extra minutes to upload the receipt is worth the gift cards at the end of the year.

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15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Ever wonder what to do with your odd socks?

15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Here are 15 Unusual Uses

Some fun, some funny and some hard work.  I hope you enjoy!

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Homemade Laundry Soap Guest Post

Homemade Laundry Soap

(something I’ve been wanting to try for years)

Here is a homemade laundry soap testimonial that a long-time friend submitted.

Homemade Laundry Soap Tutorial

Guest Post by Callie J.

My Mother in law found this wonderful homemade laundry soap recipe on Pinterest and shared it with me.

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