Monday Menu #8

Monday Menu:  Week 8

Monday Menu #8


Breakfast:  O.Y.O. (On your own)

Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Taco Bell (Dr., vet and therapy meant we were on the road)

Supper:  Chicken Taco Bar (Used precooked chicken and hamburger from the freezer since I knew I would be tired from errands)


Breakfast:  O.Y.O.

Lunch:  Leftovers

Snack:  Cookies & Milkshake or Smoothie, Choice of Fruits

Supper:  Ham & Tater Tot Casserole, Green Beans (We didn’t have this last week due to a hospital adventure)


Breakfast:  French Toast, Grapes, Milk & O.J.

Lunch:  Homemade Tomato Soup (from freezer ingredients), Grilled Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Corn  & Milk

Snack:  Apples, Animal Cookies, Homemade Fruit Dip, Milk

Supper:  Homemade Chicken Soup, Corn Bread, Salad & Sandwiches


Breakfast:  Cereal or Oatmeal, Orange Juice & Choice of Fruit

Lunch:  Chicken Nuggets, Leftover soup, Cottage Cheese, Green Beans, Bread & Milk

Snack:  Animal Cookies, Fruit, Fruit Dip & Milk

Supper:  Potato Soup (with ham added to 2/3’s of it), Salad, Sandwiches, Kroger Bakery Thin Bread


Breakfast:  Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Milk, O.J., Grapes

Lunch:  Picnic @ the Park (We have 2 Dr. appointments out of town and 5 of us will be going)

Snack:  Taco Bell Happy Hour $1.00 Menu

Supper:  Leftovers (Clean out the Fridge)

Saturday & Sunday

Out of Town

Hoping hubby will grill for supper when we return (he isn’t going)

As I type this I know that we may be in the hospital all week with my youngest daughter but I am preplanning it anyway in hopes that we can be home.

Kroger Shopping Trip June Week 2



Wheat Bread $0.49

Whole Grain Bread $0.49

French Bakery Bread $0.49

Bakery Buns $0.69

3 Buttermilk White Bread $0.25 each

Beef Jerky $1.99


Aquafina Water


Lay’s Chips 2/$4.00

TOTAL with Tax: $8.99

Yes!  Bread was only $.50 and $.25.  We froze two loaves of the Buttermilk bread in 12 pcs portions and will use it for french toast in the future.

For great tips on how we save at Kroger click here.

ALdi's Week 2 June's Shopping Trip


Lettuce $1.29

2 Milks $1.59 each

Chicken Nuggets $3.79

Spicy Ranch Dressing $1.29

16 oz. Tomatoes $1.49

Tortillas $1.49

Carrots $1.19

Strawberries $1.29

Orange Juice $1.69

Cottage Cheese $2.29

Vanilla Wafers $1.29

Chocolate Syrup $1.49

TOTAL with Tax:  $21.99


2 Iced Animal Cookies $1.00 each

(We have been looking all over for these.)

In addition to the above purchases we will be buying 2 dozen farm fresh eggs, 2 sour creams, 1 Gallon of milk, 1 more bag shredded cheese, 2 Pepsis, 4 7 ups, 3 Gatorades and 3 Cases of Water.

This should total approximately: $40-$60 depending on where they are purchased.  Keeping this week’s cost at: $75-$95.

I can live with that.

As you can see this month was a very small spending week.  Our new goal is to spend $125 or less for groceries per week for our family of 4.5 (our babysitting girl is here 3 days a week and my teen son brings friends by a few days a week).  Last week I spent over the $125 in preparation for this week’s menu and because I had a little extra time.  You can read that post here.

How do you grocery shop?

Menu plan?

Please share your tips below.

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