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Monday Menu #23


If you have been following Treasured Tidbits recently, you would have noticed that we have focused on organizing this month, or at least tried to with the 30 Day Organizing Challenge program just getting started.  I would love to say I am following it perfectly while sticking to our menu and shopping plans, BUT I AM NOT.

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Menu Monday #20 & Weekly Shopping Trip


Menu Monday #20

After a crazy week last week that ended with some serious menu adjustments, I am happy to say I believe this week should be fairly smooth sailing despite the virus some of us seem to have.  The jello is already made, menu is set and I am grabbing groceries later today.

I finally began using my Kindle Fire to keep lists on and the results have been AMAZING.  I will share more on why I like it so much soon.

This week isn’t expected to be super busy besides pet visits and babysitting, so I planned a few more time consuming meals full of comfort foods.  It isn’t quite fall temps but we are beginning to enjoy our fall foods anyway?  How about you?  Are you experiencing the exciting foods of fall?  Look for new recipes?  I know we are and I absolutely LOVE the cream cheese icing recipe we used last week.

Check out our Fall Food Pinterest Board and discover even more from warm, cozy drinks to delicious casseroles and desserts, I know we plan to.  Let us know which ones you enjoyed and which ones to avoid!!! Read more »

63 Simple Ways Our Family Saved in June

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Menu Monday #9 (& Weekly Shopping Trip)

Menu Monday Week #9

Menu Monday #9

This week’s menu and shopping were easy since we moved most of last week’s meals back a few days due to hospital/doctor visits.  As you can see the homemade chicken soup was added to this week’s list.  That would be because I had thawed my “soup bucket” and needed to consume it soon.

As a matter of fact it is in the crock pot as I type this.

Below you will find our planned menu as well as our main shopping trips.

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Monday Menu #8

Monday Menu:  Week 8

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Monday Menu Week #6

Monday Menu Week #6

This week’s menu is nothing exciting and almost all easy meals due to the fact I am struggling with some additional physical issues and trying to plan accordingly so that I can take care of my family but not use all my energy on cooking or cleaning up (which my husband definitely does more than his share of dishwasher loading and emptying, bless his heart.)

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Monday Menu #4

Monday Menu Week 4

Welcome to this week’s Menu Monday where I share our menu, shopping trips, recipes and hopefully even a few tips and tricks.

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March’s County Market Shopping Trip

March's County Market Shopping Haul

This month’s County Market’s shopping trip was more than a bit unusual and cut short due to my daughters health and trying fit our items into a scooter/electronic shopping basket.  I chose to skip several items as they were heavy or awkward and we needed to leave as my daughter was struggling but I decided to share the purchases I did make as well as my new shopping secret weapon.

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What is a Clever Shopper?


Are you a CLever Shopper


What makes a clever shopper?

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Budget Results February 2016

Budget Results February 2016

I shared our February expected expenses and budget here at the beginning of February and now that life has slowed down a bit I want to share how that plan worked for us including where we saved and gulp overspent.

We saved (came in UNDER budget) on the following:

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