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16 Simple Ways To Make Your Money Stretch At County Market


16 Simple Tips To Save The Most At County Market

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Make Your Money Stretch with Ibotta

Make Your Money Stretch

with Ibotta

Welcome to “Making Your $ Stretch” Week 2.  Today we want to share a fun, simple app with you.  It’s easy to use, stacks with store deals, paper coupons, Savings Star, Receipt Hog, Walmart Savings Catcher, and even Checkout 51.  It’s called Ibotta.

Our family loves Ibotta.

We treat the money we earn from Ibotta as bonus money that we use towards special groceries, house decor, family entertainment and other non-essentials. Read more »

15 Simple Ways to Save at Target

Please note:  There are additional ways to save and earn at Target, IF you have a smart phone.  We do not have a smart phone and do not feel comfortable sharing smart phone savings with you.  If you have a smart phone and use additional apps, please feel free to share those apps, including links, in the comments.


15 Simple Ways To Save At Target

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90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days

90 Ways We Saved In The Last 90 Days


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How We Earned An Extra $118.45 In May (Mostly from our couch)

How Our Family Earned and Extra $118.45 Last Month

How We Earned An Extra $118.45 in May (Mostly from our couch)

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10+ Ways We Saved in May

10+ Ways We Saved in May

10 + Ways We Saved in May

To be honest, we didn’t do a lot to save in May, due to the injury in my back.  We chose to spend a little more to make things less stressful for all of us.  We didn’t go crazy with our spending, we just didn’t strive to save as much as we normally do.

In addition to the previous ways we saved, which we often repeat each month as “good practice,” we also made the following choices to help build our savings. Read more »

From Brassy to Classy On a Zero Budget


From Brassy to Classy on a Zero Budget

Today I want to share a project that had a huge impact in our master bedroom and cost only a tiny bit of time and money.

In the post last month I shared 7 Ways to Brighten ANY room on a Budget.  This post shares an additional way liven things up for little to no cost.

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How We Earned an Extra $998.39 in the last 6 Weeks

How We Earned An Extra $998.39 in the last 6 Weeks

How We Earned an Extra $998.39

I must say I am blessed with a wonderful spouse who works full time to support our family and does a great job, but with our medical bills and medical conditions I am always looking for ways we can save or earn a little more despite our physical challenges.

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Decorating On A Dime (Thrifty Thursday #2)

Decorating on a Dime

(Thrifty Thursday #2)

Thrifty Thursday #2 Decorating on a Dime

 Last week I shared my daughter’s finds at our local Goodwill here on our first Thrifty Thursday Post- “Gorgeous on a Goodwill Budget”.

This week I want to share the great finds I found.

While she was winding her way through the rows and rows of clothing available I was carefully perusing the linen department, hanger by hanger, looking for specific items and colors.  Of course, I found a few surprises too.  Like the adorable gobble, gobble towel and fun hot chocolate towel as well as the cozy blue item that will be used in at least two projects in my house later.

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7 Ways to Brighten ANY Room on a Zero Budget

7 Ways TO Brighten ANY Room On a Budget


As many of you know I set very lofty goals of saving $5,000-$10,000 this year.

I also wanted to upgrade, brighten and organize the two main bedrooms while we had them emptied to replace the carpets with solid oak wood floors.

During that process I found several ways I could change our rooms or “brighten” them without spending a dime.

I just needed a little imagination, willingness for change and a lot of elbow grease, cleaner, rags and water.

Most of these may seem like simple changes but the difference they can make is AMAZING.

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