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How We Earned an Extra $998.39 in the last 6 Weeks

How We Earned An Extra $998.39 in the last 6 Weeks

How We Earned an Extra $998.39

I must say I am blessed with a wonderful spouse who works full time to support our family and does a great job, but with our medical bills and medical conditions I am always looking for ways we can save or earn a little more despite our physical challenges.

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Master Bedroom Makeover Update #2

Today’s “makeover”  is once again not anything visually exciting.

I haven’t bought new bedding or curtains, painted the walls or created a masterpiece.

I cleaned, scrubbed, polished, purged and reorganized instead.

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3 Amazing Tools That Make Cleaning Easier



1.)  The Swiffer Dusters Extendable Handle 360 Starter Kit

Having 5 cats and 5 people living in our home (2 with nasty allergies) means I am constantly dusting.  I need to stay on top of the cat hair, dust, dirt and pollen, in order to breathe.  Throw in the fact I have some OCD tendencies and I dust every surface a minimum of once a week, if not more.  It makes these Swiffer dusters a huge time and energy saver. Read more »

Simple Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining The Area Above Your Cabinets

Cabinet Cleaning Tips FB Square

For years my family and I have looked for a larger, more open, affordable home and in December 2011, I am happy to say…We found it!  It was PERFECT- 5 bedrooms, handicapped restrooms, HUGE patio doors, large windows and an open floor plan with cabinet tops I could decorate.

My dream come true!……..OR not?

As I began planning the display for Christmas (we moved in on Dec. 16th) I ran into the first dilemma of decorating those recessed cabinet tops.  DIRT!

Yucky, sticky, icky, dirt.

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