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How We Earned An Extra $118.45 In May (Mostly from our couch)

How Our Family Earned and Extra $118.45 Last Month

How We Earned An Extra $118.45 in May (Mostly from our couch)

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How We Earned An Extra $137.08 In February

How Made An Extra13708 in February 2016

As many of you know my oldest daughter and I are unable to work “regular” 9-5 jobs due to our health issues and the need to be with my youngest, who has even more extreme health issues, so to compensate we have added some “side jobs” we can do from home, a hospital room or even my family’s when we are visiting.

Because we began our new direct sales business with Clever Container and my youngest had some major setbacks we spent VERY little time on “side jobs” but we still earned a bit.

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