44 Ways We Saved in March & April

Ways We Saved In March & April

44 Ways We Saved in March & April

Around the house

  1. Earned LOTS of items for free by hosting a Clever Container Party
  2. Tore out our own carpets for our bedroom remodel (saving the cost of labor)
  3. Removed and reused the trim from both bedrooms (even after a few pieces busted)
  4. Used paint to touch up new nail holes and trim damage rather than purchase new trim
  5. Cleaned bedroom walls rather than repainting and purchasing paint
  6. Cleaned drain with vinegar and baking soda (so much cheaper than a plumber)
  7. Added water to the end of every bottle of shampoo, conditioner, detergent, etc… and then turned them upside down to drain completely.
  8. Turned the furnace off and opened windows for fresh air when possible
  9. Used dryer efficiently by quickly switching loads while the dryer was still warm.
  10. Removed items from the dryer while damp and allowing to finish drying by air drying
  11. Used items we had on hand to “brighten, organize and update” our master bedroom
  12. Hand crafted four new accents for our Master Bedroom with material we had on hand  (I can’t wait to share these in a later post.)
  13. Found creative ways to “touch up” our bedroom furniture using markers, sealant and paint
  14. Returned our unused boxes of flooring to Lowes for credit  (This totaled almost $350 and it was almost all damaged pieces- we had purchased 18+ boxes.)
  15. Created a menu and stuck to it
  16. Freezer prepped meals for the nights I couldn’t cook (which have been several, since I became injured)
  17. Used up leftovers and on hand items by creating soups and trying new recipes
  18. Soaked stained items I found in storage in a bucket of Oxiclean and water to try and save them (some worked/some didn’t)
  19. Cleaned out the dryer vent (all the way through, not just the flaps)
  20. Used old paper for scratch paper and notes (we go through a ton of paper each month)
  21. Bought cloth napkins which allowed us to reduce the number of paper napkins and towels
  22. Caught an unauthorized charge on my bank account and contacted the proper authorities to fix it and return the money
  23. Spent hours on the phone following up on medical bill to discover why insurance didn’t pay.  I believe it is now covered and will save us $95
  24. Used extra sheets to protect the beds from cat hair.  (We simply lay them over the top of our made beds to reduce the need to wash comforters as often.  The sheets dry MUCH faster.)
  25. Cut existing tablecloths in half and stitched the edges.  (We shrunk our table and I realized that I could get two table cloths out of one and they would take less time to dry as well.  We change them almost daily.)
  26. Turn “too short” jeans into “long enough” shorts for my girls
  27. Used scrap book paper for my new binder covers (instead of printing something off the computer)
  28. Freezer cooked (with hubby’s help)
  29. Used Boxed.com
  30. Used Amazon Subscribe and Save
  31. Used our own compost to fertilize our tiered garden


Out and About

  1. Planned and mapped out errands for the most efficient use of gas and time
  2. Shopped resale for home goods and clothing needs  (My 3 pairs of jeans are literally falling apart at the seams.)
  3. Avoided unnecessary shopping  (This was hard when we were in the city, but we did it.)
  4. Kept a VERY close eye on the budget and cut back when we needed to make additional necessary purchases in another area
  5. Used the Target Cartwheel, coupon system and ads to shop
  6. Used Kroger Digital Coupons and Free Friday Downloads to purchase several FREE items
  7. Shopped ads BEFORE leaving the house for items on our NEEDS list
  8. Shopped clearance for additional items on our needs list
  9. Used old gift cards to pay for purchases we did make (and clear out my wallet)
  10. Cashed in a Mc Donald’s free Frappe card
  11. Scheduled out of town doctor’s appointments to be on the same day so we only needed to drive into the city once (this is at least $20 in savings for gas alone)
  12. Packed lunch, snacks and drinks when running errands or traveling out of town
  13. Brought a cooler with ice for leftovers or any great clearance deals

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