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Monday Menu #23


If you have been following Treasured Tidbits recently, you would have noticed that we have focused on organizing this month, or at least tried to with the 30 Day Organizing Challenge program just getting started.  I would love to say I am following it perfectly while sticking to our menu and shopping plans, BUT I AM NOT.

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August Shopping Trip- Stocking Up

August Shopping Trips & Stocking Up

We decided that stocking up on drinks last month was a great idea.  It reduced the amount of extra store trips we made considerably, and helped me manage the overall grocery budget better.  Because of our drink requirements and limitations it takes a considerable amount of our monthly grocery budget ($150/$500).  This month I was able to splurge on the Starbucks Drinks (.50 each) with the money we saved buying in bulk at the beginning of the month.  Besides, it is a much cheaper to put in the fridge and take on doctor’s trips than buying something on the road, and it makes a nice, refreshing treat for the teens and hubby.

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April’s Shopping Haul #1

Aprils Shopping Haul #1

April Shopping Haul #1

Due to my health issues and severe pain when turning my head, writing, lifting my arms or driving, I chose to shop locally and with hubby this time.

I also decided to not to “stock up” on too many basics (we still have some fairly full cabinets and freezers).   Instead we shopped sales and bought meats.

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