August Shopping Trip- Stocking Up

August Shopping Trips & Stocking Up

We decided that stocking up on drinks last month was a great idea.  It reduced the amount of extra store trips we made considerably, and helped me manage the overall grocery budget better.  Because of our drink requirements and limitations it takes a considerable amount of our monthly grocery budget ($150/$500).  This month I was able to splurge on the Starbucks Drinks (.50 each) with the money we saved buying in bulk at the beginning of the month.  Besides, it is a much cheaper to put in the fridge and take on doctor’s trips than buying something on the road, and it makes a nice, refreshing treat for the teens and hubby.

Stocking Up in August



Icing $1.39

Tic Tacs– BOGO Free with Newspaper Coupon- Final Cost $.70/each

Buy 5 Save 5

2 International Delight Coffee Creamer– $1.99 less $1.00 printed coupon from ID  Final Price $.99 each

3 Tide Laundry Detergent– $5.49 Less $2.00 Digital Coupon @ Kroger and 2 Printed Coupons  Final Price $3.49 each

2 Ken’s Dressing- $1.49 each

2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls– $2.49 each less $.75/2 on two printed coupon from  Final Cost $2.14 each

2 Jimmy Dean Chorizo Rolls– $2.49 each less $.75/2 on two printed coupon from  Final Cost $2.14 each

2 Starbucks Coffee– $6.99 each Less $2.00 Catalina Coupon from previous shopping trip  Final Price $5.99 each

2 International Delight Iced Coffee– $2.49 each less $1.00 Digital Kroger Coupon and Printed $1.00 Coupon from ID  Final Cost $1.49 EACH

Kroger Bakery Clearance August Shopping Trip/Stocking Up


2 Bakery Rolls @ $0.59 each

2 Bakery French Bread @ $0.59 each

Bakery Kaiser Rolls  $0.59

Bakery Bread  $0.59

Bakery Buns  $0.99

2 Fancy Feast Cat Food @ $0.29 each

Metterwurst  $2.59

3 Kroger Yogurt @ $0.19 each

Chobani Yogurt  $0.49

Hidden Valley Dressing  $1.59

Free Shrimp Alfredo

Kroger August Stocking Up



Nestle Morsels

2 Hormel Compleats

Total $48.95

For a complete list on how to get the most for your money at Kroger, read here.

Save a Lot Monthly Shopping Haul August 2016 Stocking up

Save A Lot 

72 Starbucks Mocha Frappes @ 2/$1

10 Pepsi half liter 6 packs @ 4/$10.00

28 Gatorade 6 packs @ $2.99 each

2 Country Crock Butter @ 2/$3.49 each Less $.55 coupons from

Dozen Eggs $0.99

2 Boneless Chicken Breast $8.62

Doritos $2.99

10 Lays Chips @ $2.00 each

2 Maple Syrup @ $2.29 each

Lipton Tea Bags 100ct. $3.49

Grape Jelly $2.00

6 Cans of Corn @ $0.49 each

8 Cans of Green beans @ $0.49 each

2 White Vinegar @ $2.49 each

Sliced Peaches $1.89

4 Apple Juice @ $1.49 each

4 Baking Soda @ $0.59 each

2 Apple Sauce @ $1.49 each

4 Flour Tortillas @ $1.29 each

Dirty Rice Mix $0.99

Cottage Cheese $3.49 Less $.35 Coupon from Prairie Farms

Jimmy Dean Sausage $3.00 Less $.55 coupon  Final Price $2.45

2.18 lbs. Red Delicious Apples @ $1.59/lb

Lettuce $1.49

Total: $250.24

This took 3 shopping carts and two trips, but it is so nice to give our local store business and have our drink supply bought for the month.  Even if we have unexpected guests!

County Market August Shopping Haul $73.41 Penny Pincher Stocking Up

County Market

Penny Pinchers

4 Creamette Pastas- $.77 each

3 Ruffles Chips- $1.88 each

Sugar- $.99

3 Malt-o-meal Cereal- $1.99 each

2 Peter Pan Peanut Butter- $1.49 each

Cayenne Pepper- $1.38

Smithfield Bacon- $1.89 w/Penny Pincher PLUS we had a $1.00 off one pkg coupon.  SCORE!!!

1lb Baby Carrots- $.98

Deli Oven Roasted Turkey- $4.99/lb

8 Powerades- $0.59

3 Kraft Shredded Cheese- $1.79 each

3 Eggo Waffles- $1.49/each and they came with a crayola coupon deal.  See below.

Crayola Kelloggs Deal

Sale Items

Gallon of Milk- $1.99

2 Prairie Farms Sour Cream- $1.99 each

2 Prairie Farms French Onion Dip- $1.99 each less $.40 printed coupon from Prairie Farms

7 UP- $3.69 less $1.00 coupon found on bottles

Thomas English Muffins- $2.50 each

Just Because Items
These were items we had on our “wants/needs” list and prefer the brands we found here.

Hershey Syrup- $4.59

Ranch Dressing- $1.39

Strawberry Syrup- $1.99

Total: $73.41 

Want to see what other great finds we found while stocking up on groceries?

Fun & Frugal August Finds

Photo 1:  All $1 Each from Dollar Tree- Including a Frozen Calendar

Photo 2:  Pool noodles for $.75 each on Clearance at Kroger.  You will NEVER guess what these are going to be for.  Hint:  We do not have a pool.

Photo 3:  Clearance yarn from Walmart $1.50-$3.50 each.  Great for baby shower, wedding and Christmas gifts.

Photo 4:  Babysitting Fun:  Puzzles $.25/each @ Walmart, Bubble Wand $.60 @ Kroger, Chalk $1.50 @ Kroger

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