15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Ever wonder what to do with your odd socks?

15 Unusual Uses For Your Odd Socks

Here are 15 Unusual Uses

Some fun, some funny and some hard work.  I hope you enjoy!

As many of you know, I purged all the hanging clothes in our house in just 2 days.  You can read that post here.

I also purged EVERY folded, rolled or wrapped article of clothing as well.  I must confess a 3rd day was involved to do that.  This means we found tons of the sock mates we had been looking for, and many new, sad lonely ones.

As I stated previously, I do not like to throw things away because I am a hoarder frugal.

At our house we have a basket for “Missing Sole Mates,” and as we find a lonely sock in the laundry we add it to our “Missing Sole Mates” basket in hopes of it finding it’s friend.  We pair these lonely socks every few weeks.  But a few times a year I will remove the socks whose mates have not returned and “Upcycle” them into something useful.

We do purchase large bags of identical socks and try to save on replacements by tossing the non holey ones in the “Missing Sole Mate” basket.  Did I mention I was a hoarder frugal?

15 Uses For Odd Socks

1.)  Cleaning.  Whether it be polishing the table, scrubbing the floor or wiping mud off dirty shoes.

2.)  Staining wood and furniture.  Every summer we use a tote full of rags to stain my crafts, and I do not feel the least bit guilty because I use old socks and clothing that are no longer useful, so I minimize the waste.

3.)  Storing ornaments, glass décor, sentimental items, etc…  What better way to protect your Christmas decorations or every day décor while you wait for the seasons to change?  They are reusable, offer padding and keep items from rubbing together.

4.)  Polishing.  Socks are so easy to slip on your hand and quickly dust all the surfaces and knick-knacks in your home, polish the floor, or even shine the silver.

5.)  Create a sock puppet or gift.  Pinterest is brimming with how-tos on creating sock babies, sock snowmen, sock snakes, sock monkeys, etc…

6.)  Washable draft dodger covers.  Simply fill with old newspapers, plastic bags, etc… and place in your window or door to keep the cold winter wind at bay.

7.)  Protect your furniture legs.  Slide onto furniture legs to protect them and your floor while moving, sliding and mopping.

8.)  No longer have the boxes for your dress shoes or flip flops?  Borrow your brother’s, dad’s or uncle’s old socks and slip your thin little shoes right in to protect them from dust and wear.

9.)  Up-cycled leg/sleeve warmers.  Have a bright pair of socks you just can’t bear to part with?  Cut the feet out, fold the ends, add some stitches and TA-DA instant leg/arm warmers.

10.)  Use as a last minute cozy to keep your drinks cold or warm.  Cut the bottoms off and keep the fun clean part on top.

11.)  Fill with ice (in a bag) or small ice pack and apply to injured areas to reduce swelling.

12.)  Heat pad.  Fill with rice.  Seal top and heat in microwave for a quick, reusable or disposable heat pad.

13.)  Dog toy.  Add tennis ball, tie closed and play “Tug Of War” with your favorite furry friend.

14.)  Do what Grandma did and stash money in it.  Need to pirate some cash away for a rainy day, special gift, or shopping trip?  Hide it in an old sock in the back of a drawer.  You are less likely to spend it and there’s no glass to break in an emergency.  You can have 5 funds if needed, just use 5 odd socks.

15.)  Fill with odd shaped, or multi quantity craft items to store in a “community box”.  Simply use a permanent marker to label the outside (BEFORE you add the organized items).

BONUS #1:  I recently came across this adorable idea from Lindsay @  Artsy Fartsy Mama.  Use to create leg warmers or socks for an American Girl doll.  Easy to follow instructions can be found here.

Bonus #2:  Use to cover arm and leg braces.  First remove the foot section and then slide over your brace; it will keep the velcro from ruining your favorite clothing.

Please share your additional suggestions below.  We LOVE to hear from you.

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