After the Fire-Find the Positive

After the Fire

Three of Five Fire Trucks at the Scene

Three of Five Fire Trucks at the Scene

This week has reminded us of so many things to be thankful for.

First and foremost, we are thankful that our renters were not at home during the blaze.

  Thankful that no one was injured: firefighters, tenants or neighbors.

Still fighting smoke and embers

Still fighting smoke and embers


Thankful the neighbor decided to check the weather and realized something was wrong, then called for help.

     (God Bless You Jennifer.)


Checking the main roof (the attic is destroyed)

Thankful for the Pana and Tower Hill Fire Department and Emergency Crews responding so quickly and so late on a Saturday night.  (We got the call at 11:38pm and didn’t leave the scene ourselves until after 1:30am.)

 We were told the flames were raging pretty good when they arrived.

  I am even more thankful that we missed any flames because by the time we arrived the firefighters had it down to embers and smoke.

We are thankful the wind, which had been whipping through just hours before and did severe damage through out the town, decided to take a break.

  The  homes on this street are so close together that if not for the slower winds and quick response of everyone the fire could have spread out of control in no time, but instead was contained to only our home.


Immediately after the firefighters were done.

As you can see the back portion was more or less consumed.  What you cannot see is that the kitchen (in the main part) is a total loss as well.

All I can say again is how thankful we are that no one was injured and the blaze was contained.

I kept reminding myself over and over, as I walked through the house with the contractor and insurance agent, “Thank God no one was home.”

As I looked at the structural damage and try to help our renter I keep repeating the thought.

“Things can be replaced….People can’t.”

Our renters were also our friends and as I said before I just Thank God no one was home.

Please keep their family in your prayers as they try to relocate and pick up the pieces.

Additional indoor photos

(out of respect to our renter we have made the choice not to post many of the photos showing her belongings)

Amazingly almost no items were actually burnt only the structure itself seemed to burn in flames.  Instead, almost all items were damaged by heat (melted) or water logged- it was actually very strange how it progressed without spreading to the floor level once it took out the exterior wall.


Some of the Kitchen



The main house

The two main bedrooms have VERY little smoke damage if any, thankfully.

I know many of you down home wanted to see and we have more photos to share in person but I know some of you are inpatient and concerned so we are sharing these for now.

As you can see we are very thankful no one was hurt and will be able to recover from the blaze one step at a time.

I know it may seem strange to have a “Thankful Thursday” post about a fire but we truly are thankful for the fact no one was injured and it did not spread.

Life gives us a challenge each day and it is up to us how we choose to approach it.

I am choosing to be thankful for the safety of our friends and successful containment.

What are you thankful for today?


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