From Brassy to Classy On a Zero Budget-How I Changed 37 Handles At Zero Cost

 From Brassy to Classy Intro 2016

Supplies Needed:

Rustoleum Hammered Silver


Damp rag

Dry rag


Newspaper, tablecloth, baking rack

Rustoleum Protectant


1.) Remove and clean each handle thoroughly.

From Brassy to Classy Clean the Hardware

2.) Be sure to secure the screws in a small container with a lid.  If they will be exposed clean and paint the tops of these as well.

Tip:  Use a piece of styrofoam to place the screws in (pointed side down) as you spray the tops.

3.) Rinse and dry handles thoroughly.  (You may choose to roughen them slightly.)

4.) Set up a work area in a well ventilated area.

From Brassy to Classy SPray

5.) Apply first coat of paint.

6.) Apply second coat based on your specific paint instructions.  Allow to dry completely.  We waited 24 hours.

7.) Flip and spray reverse.  Repeat steps 5 & 6 above.

8.) Apply protectant to both sides.  Allowing to dry completely between sides.

9.) Reattach and enjoy!!!

From Brassy to Classy Final Handle

Want to see how the final project looked?

Click here.

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