Completed Craft Room Reveal (My Secret Project)

Completed Craft Room Reveal

Finshed Craft Room Reveal

The view from the bottom of the stair case as you enter my room (no door).




DO remember what it looked like just a few short months ago?


I have a completely organized, pretty, clean,well lit craft room.

And it is ALMOST

Can you tell I am excited?

Here are the pictures I have been promising for days.

(And a few comments of course.)

Craft Room Reveal Wall 1

Since I couldn’t find a happy home for our children’s and family book collection I simply opted to keep them in this room (behind the curtain).

 Since I finally have my own room I decided to add some of the childhood treasures I have held on to.  And of course, I want to share them with you.

We have had the treadmill for years but never used it because it was ALWAYS buried in a small room under a pile of stuff.

Now, it is not only cleared off, it is clean and been used repeatedly in the past month.

View From The Stairs Craft Room Reveal

 I am also sharing space with the Barbie doll house we created our girls over 8 years ago.

(We will share a how-to on that another time).

Craft Room Reveal Wall 2

Yes, those are more Strawberry Shortcake characters and Smurfs on the wall.

(And they are ALL mine).


Under the curtain are the Barbie dolls and accessories (including a pink sports car).

THIS is the crazy corner where I can control my odds and ends.

Tree and Wreath Corner Craft Room Reveal

Christmas trees, wreaths, baskets, display racks and more.  (I have a ton of odds & ends.)

Craft Room Reveal Wall 3

Then we have my updated filing cabinet and another “hiding spot”.

Don’t you LOVE the curtains?

Craft Room Reveal Behind the Curtain

Remember the ugly black and brown shelf I showed you a few weeks ago?

Look at it now!

Craft Room Reveal Wall 4

More fun treasures.

And the crowning glory I shared with you last week.

Finished Craft Room Reveal Final Wall

Bonus: A peek at some of the little touches.

Well, that is it.  My completed craft reveal.

What did you think?

I hoped you enjoyed it.

Before I go I want to send a great big thank you to my hubby and kids for their patience and help for the past month as we made this happen.

(Remember I purged and sorted every single item BEFORE it was put away.)

I cannot wait to see what new and exciting things come from having a shiny, organized work space.


  • By Susie Ray, August 3, 2015 @ 11:05 am

    Very, Very nice!!!!! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into it. Enjoy!!!

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