Simple, Low Budget Pretty Pink Tulip Decor

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I don’t know about you but I like to be greeted with something bright and cheerful when I come home.  I like it to begin as soon as I pull into the driveway and continue as I walk down the sidewalk, up the steps and into the front door.

This year I chose to keep a continuous theme of pretty pink tulip decor with small white accent flowers.  (I found both on clearance at a local store and fell in love so I bought 5 bouquets and when spring arrived I was prepared.  I hunted them down, cut the bouquets into individual stems and began creating.)

I love how they turned and want to share some of those creations (or alterations) with you.

I am happy tp say the total cost for decorating outside this spring totaled less than $17 out of pocket and took less than 30 minutes to complete (if you don’t count hunting down the supplies).  Keep in mind all these items will be used over and over again including the flowers, unless our friendly feathered friends have “blessed” them and in that case they go away- the flowers not the birds.

Let’s begin at the Driveway

The first thing I did the spring after we moved in was find two containers to use as large pots outside the garage door.  If you look closely you will notice that they do not match.

The one on the left is the bottom of a wooden flower basket my grandfather created and the other is an old barrel someone was tossing out and I just had to “rescue”.  Both are filled with dirt and work well for fighting the high winds we often experience here in central Illinois.  I rotate the blooms or décor in each based on the season using live plants during our summer months.

Last year’s “Spring” display looked so real that my husband watered them for a month before he realized they were not living flowers- the look of dawning on his face was priceless!

Next I added these pretty pink tulip stems to create a “fake” tulip bed along the front porch.

Pretty Pink Tulip Decor Our Flower Bed

I “create” the instant flower bed look by simply inserting the individual stems into the ground at intervals between the returning dianthus.

Pretty Pink Tulip Decor on the Porch

On our porch we have an amazing wicker patio set and our faithful 12 year old dog, Meisha.

A white wicker furniture set is something I have always wanted but could never bring myself to buy until last year when I found the entire thing for $40 at a antique/consignment shop.

All it required was some TLC, a wire brush, garden hose and some paint.  As you can see it has been outside all winter and held up quite nicely.

With the nasty winds we have here, anything I put on the table has to be weighted down or brought in during windy weather (we are surrounded by open fields on each side, hence my love of rocks and glass stones for weights).

Pretty Pink Tulip Decor in Bowl & Pitcher Display

The bowl and pitcher set were purchased for $.50 at a local garage sale and will hopefully become part of a water fountain in our tiered garden once spring is over.

We weighted both the pitcher and bowl down with glass beads and chips then inserted the pink tulips with individual stems and white accents.  The entire thing took less than 5 minutes after I chose a base from the options in my craft room.

Pretty Pink tulip Decor at the Dooor

For the front door we kept it basic with a simple burlap wreath and a glittery pink plastic bow I purchased last year from Dollar TreeYes, this is the same wreath we used in the St. Patrick’s Day Display. I am a firm believer in reusing basic items for each season so that you only need to switched the attached decor, save money and have less to store.

Pretty pInk Tulip Decor in Our Home Tweet Home Bird stand

The WELCOME birdhouse was purchased from a yard sale last year and came with orange & yellow mums attached.  I decided they looked odd with the pretty pink tulip decor and removed them then replaced the missing flowers with some loose sprigs and greenery I found in my floral reserve.

Of course then my creative side kicked in and I had to hunt down a pair of lovebirds and eggs to enhance the charm.

Metal Man's Pretty Pink Tulip Bouquet

On the right is my newest item purchased for $5 last night at Bailey’s Auction House.

The little metal man.  He arrived with worn out yellow daffodils and as “springy” as they sound they didn’t match the pretty pink tulip décor I had in mind so I  ripped them out and replaced them with the remaining pink tulip stemsand filled in the gaps with more of the loose greenery I keep in my floral hoard reserve.  Just like the barrels, basket and burlap wreath I intend to keep him as a base and simply change his decor with the seasons.

We kept the outdoor decor approach simple this year as we are still trying to deal with the fire, paperwork, field trips, and other family things that come up.

To see how we decorated for spring inside our home simply click here and here.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, ideas and photos.  We would love to see how you decorate for spring.

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