Controlling the Chaos-Days 33-37-Clearing Digital Clutter

COntrolling the Chaos Days 33-37

New month – New Project

Clearing and Controlling Digital Clutter

If you missed January and would like to begin with paper organization you can find those links here.

Are you excited to take control of your digital disaster?  I know I am (Hubby has been after me forever about my desktop screen and various other digital “projects”.)

This week we will be working with the following schedule:

Day 33-Purge, sort and file emails.  

This includes sorting into folders, deleting, unsubscribing and responding as needed.

Some of you may only have a few to weed through.  I, personally, have four email accounts, two for personal use and two for business.  (One of the personal sites is a back up for a combination of the other three).  The business accounts have approximately 3,000+ each.

Sounds daunting, huh?  Not so much.  It is fairly easy now that I have learned how to maneuver the back up email site and I can delete things in quantity.

Who needs the last 300 sales ads from Kohl’s, Target or JcPenney?  Not me.  I do not need to open them either.

Day 34-Clean off your personal phone, tablet, Ipod, etc….  Delete texts, voicemails, unwanted apps, etc…

We have made it our goal to empty these weekly or to the point we only keep the most recent pertinent ones (store coupons, codes, appt dates, etc…)

Day 35-Upload and delete photos from your phone  Save the important ones you want to share when you are out and about then organize them online if you have time.

Day 36-Update and remove old phone numbers from your handheld electronics, add emergency numbers, update your mechanic, doctors, family and friend information

Day 37- Add birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments, due dates, games, days off, etc… to your digital calendar.  Set alarms to remind you in advance.

Most of the above projects can be done while you are watching your favorite show, waiting on your kids after practice or while supper is cooking but be thorough and think about what you are doing.

Tackling this now and keeping it under control in your weekly/monthly checklist will make life so much easier and you should never need to worry about your memory filling up or you losing important data because your phone died and you never uploaded those photos, that address, etc…

How are you doing on “Controlling Your Clutter?” 

Please feel free to share in the comments or join our private Facebook group.  Clutter Overcomers.







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