Controlling the Chaos Days 45-60

Controlling the Chaos Month 2 Dominating the Digital

How is your chaos coming?

Are you beginning to feel more in control?  Falling behind?  Overwhelmed?

PLEASE don’t worry.  This list is created as a guideline not a regime.  Each of us is unique and so is our circumstances.  Please remember to take the time YOU need to tackle your “chaos”.

DAYS 45-60

Day 45:  Tackle your Weekly Checklist.  Not sure what a “Weekly Checklist” is?  Click here for details.

Day 46:  Upload photos from ALL handheld devices:  Cameras, cell phones, IPODS, etc…

Day 47:  Sort and purge the newly uploaded photos.

Day 48:  Delete unnecessary and poor photos on your devices and online.  (Since your devices are now sorted online you can choose to delete ALL or most of them off your device to free up space)

Day 49:  Sort and File photos (old and new)

Day 50: Continue to Sort and File Photos (old and new)

Day 51:  Declutter, Clean and Organize Your Desk and/or Work space Drawers

Day 52:  Tackle your Weekly Checklist and any items you were unable to complete during the week.

Day 53:  Clean-up and Categorize Your Facebook Friends

Day 54:  Go through your Facebook page and save photos you & your children have been tagged in (school trips you might not have attended, playtime at Auynt Betty’s, etc…).  Delete old unwanted and unneeded posts.

Day 55:  Check and Update Your Facebook Settings, “liked” pages, notifications and messages.

Day 56:  Clean up or open your Pinterest Account.  Organize boards, check links, etc…

Day 57:  Clean up or join/add to your Pinterest Boards

Day 58:  Clean up your computer and handheld devices.  Vacuum, wipe down, clean the cords, create a charging station, etc…

Day 59:  Tackle your Weekly Checklist  (Do you see a pattern here?)

Day 60:  Catch-Up, Celebrate Your Success and Share your story at Clutter Overcomers

Bloggers are you following us?  Do you have tips on any of these chaos controlling projects?

If so please share the links in our comments below, link-up to our most recent sharing Saturday and/or message me to offer a guest post.  We would love to hear from you!


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