Controlling the Chaos Month 4 (Days 92-121)


Controlling the Chaos Months 3 & 4 Controlling the KitchenIf you are just joining the “Controlling the Chaos” Challenge we want to say Welcome we are happy to have you with us.

If you have been with us for awhile and followed along from the beginning I want to offer you a great, big high five!   You have conqueror your paper piles, taken control of your digital disasters, and begun to purge your kitchen.

Now we plan to complete our purge and organize the kitchen (while maintaining the your paper piles and digital projects).

Controlling the Chaos Month 4 (Days 92-121)

Day 92:  Tackle the Monthly Checklist

Day 93:  Look Up Kitchen Organization Ideas and Plan How to Better Organize Your Kitchen  (Keep these ideas in mind as you work over the next few weeks)

Day 94:  Weekly Checklist

Day 95:  Empty, Clean and Purge Your Utensil Drawers

Day 96:  Empty, Clean and Purge Your Kitchen Towels, Rags, Napkins and Trivets

Day 97:  Empty, Clean and Purge Your Junk Drawer (Come on we know you have one)

Day 98:  Empty, Clean and Purge 2 of Your Remaining Drawers and Cabinets

Day 99:  Empty, Clean and Purge 2 More of Your Remaining Drawers and Cabinets

Day 100:  Empty, Clean and Purge ALL Remaining Cabinets and Drawers


Day 101:  Weekly Checklist

Day 102:  Empty, Purge and Clean Under the Sink

Day 103:   Clean the Outside of Your Upper Cabinet Doors,  (Planning organization for that cabinet as you scrub.)

Day 104:  Clean the Outside of Your Lower Cabinet Doors continuing to plan organization as you clean.

Day 105:  Clean Your Windows Blinds and Curtains

Day 106:  Scrub Your Sink, The Drain, Garbage Disposal, Drain Rack and Faucet

Day 107:  Finish Planning Your Organization,  Gather Your “On Hand” Supplies for Creating it.   Still not sure what you need?   Spend a little more time on line looking for ideas.


Day 108:  Weekly Checklist

Day 109:  Create Your Upper Cabinet Organization

Day 110:  Create Lower Cabinet Organization

Day 111:  Create Pantry Organization

Day 112:  Label Your Organization

Day 113:  Create a List of your family’s favorite meals (ask for input)

Day 114:  Create a Few “Go To” Weekly Menus using items you would normally have on hand.  (Pasta, rice, eggs, etc…)


Day 115:  Weekly Checklist

Day 116:  Empty, Clean and Organize Your Section #1 of Your Buffet

Day 117:  Empty, Clean and Organize Section #2 of Your Buffet

Day 118:  Catch-up, Straighten Any Stray or Missed Areas

Day 119:  Gather and Purge Any Cookbooks and Recipes

Day 120:   Catch up on laundry, paperwork, or any other items you have fallen behind on

Day 121:   Drop off any donations or consignments.   Tag or list any items you are selling


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