Controlling the Chaos-Sort, File, Shred, Scan and Organize Those Papers!

COntrolling the Chaos Daily Template

Sorting, filing, shredding and scanning is what we will be doing for days 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Yep, you read that right.

We are taking four days to sort, file, shred and scan our papers.  Remember you are to be creating, testing and labeling your new systems as you do this.

We are taking four days so that we have NO EXCUSES for not getting a handle on our paperwork before we present it to our families next week.

Still need inspiration?  Don’t be afraid to return to Controlling the Chaos-Day 5 for ideas and don’t put it all off until the last day.  The idea of taking four days is to remove the stress and be thorough in our processes.

My personal plan is going to work something like this (I hope):

Day 6-I will be making pretty covers for my binders and finding boxes/containers to use for my incoming and outgoing mail.

Day 7-My Daughter has a neurology appointment tomorrow and with the drive it will take most of the day so we will only be doing daily maintenance (sorting mail, checking any incoming medical papers, orders, updating calendars, budget, etc…)

Day 8- Sorting the small pile of papers I have and tackling the categories and binders/organizers I am currently using.  (Removing unnecessary items, straightening, scanning, organizing what remains and moving my daughter’s pertinent medical info to a binder).

Confession?  I have 10 regular sized notebooks I keep inspirational and reminder notes in as well as upcoming or blog inspirations.   These are a disaster and I hope to spend part of Day 8 and 9 organizing and purging them.  I will probably share a peek of what I mean in the Clutter Overcomers Group.

Day 9-   We will scan and shred any remaining papers and add the finishing touches and labels to our binders, files, etc…

If you have a lot to sort I recommend this great post from Renew Your Space.   I have used this method over and over again, especially when I have large piles and multiple categories.

My categories would be:

  • 2015 to breakdown later (see below)
  • 2016
  • Receipts-If these are unimportant dispose of them while in this step.  (There is no need to handle them again.)
  • Coupons, Store cards, etc… (If these are expired or obsolete toss them now.)
  • Cards, Memorabilia
  • Medical by person
  • Schoolwork by person
  • Shred
  • To be Scanned
  • Recycle
  • Blogging
  • Scratch paper
  • Craft Business
  • Hubby’s business
  • Important documents (marriage license, tax returns, birth cerificates, social security cards
  • Take Action (these are items you need to have added to a calendar, make a phone call, correct a charge, return for credit, receipts to scan for IBOTTA, Saving Star, or take any kind of action on)   DO NOT put this in another pile or you may get distracted and not handle it.

Then I would break 2015 down further (after I cleaned up the first circle).

  • Phone
  • Utilities
  • House Payment
  • Credit Cards by Source
  • Insurance
  • Pets
  • Vehicles (each separately)
  • House Expenses
I will be back Sunday to start a new week in Controlling the Chaos.   To follow my progress the next few days follow us on Facebook or Instagram where I will be sharing my photos and tips.

How are you doing with the “Controlling the Chaos” program so far?

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