Featured Friday Work At Home Mom #8-Jamie C.

Work At Home Mom #8

Jamie C.


Jamie Cameron

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Tell us a bit about yourself, your family and your business.

I am a mother of many, a wife and a disabled Nurse. I worked many years as an RN, the last several in ICU, before I became sick and was forced to retire, becoming the patient instead. I live with and advocate for Ehlers Danlos, Chiari Malformation, Intracranial Hypertension, and more.
To help make ends meet and fill my suddenly open time, I began to dabble in my first love, the arts. My most frequent medium is pyrography, or wood burning. I also paint, both on canvas and clothing. And, when the muse hits, I create jewelry. Nearly every piece in my own closet is something that I made.



What inspired you to work from home?

I’ve always been a VERY busy person. When my career came to a halt I had to find something to fill the time. And, I had to find a way to help supplement the suddenly missing income and help finance the outrageous medical costs that I was suddenly racking up. Two birds, one stone.



Why did you choose the company/method(s)/business, etc… that you use?

I am an artist at heart and had always wanted to try wood burning. It was love at first flame. I love the smell of the wood, the look of the burn, the feel of the pens. I love everything, from choosing the right piece of wood to glossing a finished piece. I truly love what I do.



What do you feel makes or helps you be successful?

My love for what I do.

What do you struggle with?

Time management. That is always my biggest battle. And how to advertise and sell during my “slow” season.



What 5 tips would you offer someone contemplating your business adventure(s)?

1. Don’t go into this planning to make a living wage at first.

2. Practice, practice, practice.

3. Seek out ideas and advice from others who are already established.

4. If you plan to make a go of it, invest in quality equipment.

5. Don’t be modest. Push your product everywhere you can.



What 3 books/websites/bloggers have you found to be the most helpful with being a WAHM and making ends meet?

I found the most help from Facebook groups and Youtube instructionals. Pyrography is not a common art and information is difficult to find.

If possible, please share a breakdown of your work week or day.

During my busy seasons, I try to put a full day into what I do just as I would if I were working on the clock. I make considerations for my disabilities, take frequent breaks, take care of my hands, pay attention to my body.



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