Handmade Heart Suncatcher

 Handmade Heart Suncatcher

My girls and I whipped these up a few weeks ago, and I love the way they catch the sun coming in our back window, so I thought I would share how easy they were to make, with you.

 Handmade Heart Suncacthcers


Tissue Paper (Pink, White, Red)

Cardstock or Construction Paper

Wax Paper

Hole Punch


Yarn or String



Heart Patterns to Trace (we used cookie cutters).

Supplies Heart Suncactcher

Begin by cutting or tearing tissue paper into small pieces.

Cut tissue paper

Trace and cut varying heart shapes

Cut Patterns Heart Suncatchers

Apply glue to half of wax paper with a popsicle stick or straw (we couldn’t find a popsicle stick)


your finger if you would like to peel it off later.

Spread Glue Heart Suncactcher

Apply tissue paper pieces, overlapping them slightly for variety.

Press smooth.

Add 2nd coat of Glue Heart Suncatcher

Apply glue to other half of wax paper.

Fold glued portion onto original side.

Press smooth.

Fold wax paper Suncatcher Heart

Once dry

(It is much easier to handle dry.)

Glue heart shape onto outside of wax paper.

Allow to dry.

Cut out.

Glue matching heart on reverse side.

Hole punch top.

Add yarn/string for hanging.

Handmade Heart Suncacthcers

Fun, simple suncatchers to make with your children or for just plain fun.

See my photobomber below!

She didn’t want to start this project, but then I couldn’t get her to stop.

Rachel photobomb use

Hope you enjoyed this fun project and will be by to check out more!

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