Learning To Use Essential Oils Wisely

Learning To Use Essential Oils Wisely

Learning To Use Essential Oils Wisely

Over the past few years as my children’s health has declined and our bodies have developed more and more food intolerances.  I have begun researching ways to cook from scratch, clean with natural products and treat with natural remedies.

This search has led me to begin investigating essential oils.

I have prayed for guidance, done a few quick searches, asked some friends about testimonials and decided it was time to do more thorough research.  That was Saturday June 11th.

Just a few days later a fellow blogger asked for feedback on the digital ESSENTIAL OIL class she was putting together.

Guess what? 

You don’t always have to hit me in the head with a baseball bat to know God answers prayers.

I jumped right on the opportunity (after things settled down with my daughter) and watched every single minute, often rewinding the video to listen again.  I was a little skeptical that I would learn anything new since I have been slowly researching the oils I felt might be helpful but I found the class to be great!


Bridgett from 2 Herb It Up is down to earth, yet knowledgeable and practical in her presentation and information.  She isn’t there trying to sell you a specific product or brand.  She doesn’t share only the “positives” of using essential oils but she actually TEACHES you when and how to use it properly.  She shares when NOT to use it and honestly, this is the first time I have seen or heard ANY information on what ages and uses are appropriate, which I think is extremely important for anyone, especially those with children.  She uses language and personal stories that are easy to understand, remember and relate to.

The class was broken into manageable time frames for easy viewing and very simple to understand, and in my case, recall when I was contemplating which oils I should begin with.

Bridgett’s class was so easy to understand that I actually took the step to purchase some essential oils and intend to use them to create some natural cleaning supplies, infuse in our home and help with a few tummy issues we have TODAY!  After 2-3 years of waiting I am thrilled to feel comfortable enough to get started.

If you have EVER considered using essential oils THIS is the class to take.  You can do it from your PJ.s, on the sofa, with a coffee in your hand and your feet in the air.  Or you can listen while you do the dishes, sweep the floor and make the little ones dinner and if you miss something just hit the rewind button and listen again.

She also offers a fantastic printable for easy reference when you are out and about or in the throes of searching for an antidote for a sick kid, sore throat or when and where to use a specific oil.

Check the class out at a discount until July 4th using this link.   http://brigettholmes.com/essentialoils101/

Then come back and let us and Bridgett know what you thought.

Note:  I am receiving absolutely NO profit or kickbacks from sharing this post.  I simply enjoyed it immensely and asked Bridgett if I could share.

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