Look World, We Are TRYING to Save Money Here- Part 1

Look World, We Are TRYING to Save Here

Look World, We Are Trying to Save Money Here

Part 1

Yep, we are trying to save money.

Who isn’t right?

Well, we are trying so save a large amount in a small amount of time while paying medical bills and regular “life” bills.

Why another post about trying to save?

Because only 22 days into 2016 and our goal to save $10,000 by the end of the year when BAM!!!


Our furnace broke.

Now, anyone who has ever had their furnace repaired knows that it isn’t usually just an $80 service call and a $25 part.  It is hundreds, if not thousands of dollars AND can take days to repair.  To top it off it was 12 degrees outside with nastier weather coming.

So, a furnace repair was not something we could put off.  Thankfully, it wasn’t completely broken yet but we could tell by the rattling, clanking and all around “Look at me!!!” sounds that it was well on it’s way to giving up the ghost.  (Our repairman later stated it would have stopped working after a few more days and showed me the damage.  I believe he was right).

Of course, as soon as I realized the furnace needed repairs my heart sank.  The service call alone was not in the budget, let alone any repairs but first thing Monday morning I bit the bullet and called the repair company. I asked for the service call price (one can always hope it is only a simple adjustment can’t they?),  set up an appointment and said a few more prayers (including “Lord, Please don’t let our house burn before they can come.”  Thankfully, it didn’t.)

The day of the call the repairman could NOT find the part locally but could have it delivered from out of town.  First he had to make sure we could pay for the part and repair (smart company).

It is NEVER a good thing when the repairman approaches you with “You aren’t going to like this.”

My response?   “If it isn’t free then probably not.”  (With a smile, of course.)

His response.  “No,  the parts, repairs and service call will come to $5oo and some dollars.”

Of course, my brain shut off at $500 because anything after that is small beans compared to $500.

Now, if you recall we have been working our way through the “Just Make Do Challenge”, No SPEND 2016, and saving everywhere we could BUT I did not plan on my furnace breaking and had made the choice to pay off my four mammograms, biopsy and ultrasound bills as they trickled in, pay our van IN FULL and take two pets to the vet for check ups (these alone had totaled over $900 already this month).  

Yay! for bills being paid early and in full.  Boo! for not having a reserve besides our actual $1,000 emergency fund.  (Insert sad face here).

The good news is that we DO have our $1,000 emergency fund thanks to Dave Ramsey and some persistence on our part.

But that.was.it.  

If you are one of Dave’s followers you know how painful it is to dip into that emergency fund because it can be hard to put back.  Add in the fact the $1,000 emergency fund is a separate amount than the $10,000 we were planning to save and it really hurts.

Thankfully, we did have the emergency fund and I was able to hold my head up and say “Do you need a check now or after the repairs?”

Honestly, he seemed a bit surprise that I didn’t bat an eye or ask about making payments, or use a credit card or something.

Just six years ago this bill would have had me in tears and scrambling to move everyday bills around and pay them late.  Just to cover this one problem BUT not this year!

This year we could make the payment and have a warm cozy house without going into debt or paying late fees on other bills.  ALL because we were willing to make some sacrifices and save.

Of course, when I transferred the money to cover the check my heart dropped again and I said another little prayer for our savings account and 2016 goals but I trust in God and I know he will see us through, $1,000 emergency fund in place or not.

Several people have asked if we are going to stop saving now that we have experienced this set back.

I will address this question here as well as what my response is when friends (and strangers) mention they have no savings and are sky high in debt and might as well keep spending because they are so far behind.

What would you do if your furnace was to break tomorrow?  

How would your family cover it?

These are all things to consider.   I had hoped we had several more years before any furnace repairs, after all our furnace is only 9 years old, but things happen.

Are you prepared?

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