My $168.84 Shopping Trip for $97.98 Using NO Coupons Including Organic Meat and More

I haven’t been sharing any shopping deals lately but when I found these deals today I wanted to share.

I didn’t use a single coupon!

I knew I would run into our local Aldi’s while my daughter had an MRI but I had not anticipated stopping in at Kroger but I am so glad we did.

Here are the great deals I picked up there.

Kroger Deal Feb 4 2014


Sale Items:

Angel Food Cake  $2.99  Reg.3.99

4 Cranberry Juice  Buy 4 Save $2.00  Final Cost :$1.50 each


We love there marked down bakery items.

Rolls  Reg. 1.99  Cost:.69

3 Rolls 92% Meat ORGANIC Hamburger (16 oz)  Reg: 5.29/roll   Cost: $2.99/roll

Personal Coffee Grinder  Reg. $19.99   Cost: $4.99

Dole Garden Soup  Reg.:  $2.99  Cost: $1.49

Dove Yogurt  Regular: .89  Cost:  .49

Marinara Sauce  Reg.:  $2.99  Cost $1.49

16 oz. Sharp Cheddar  Reg.:  $4.29  Cost:  $2.99

2 Zone Bar Double Chocolate  Reg.: 2.99/box  Cost: $1.49/box

Chuck Steak  Reg.:  $4.77  Cost: $2.39

Beef Steak  Reg.:  $7.73  Cost: $4.63

Beef Steak  Reg.: $5.51  Cost:$3.30

Pork Chops Reg.:  $18.27  Cost:$8.93

Stew Beef  Reg. :  $18.39  Cost:  $11.78

Total:  Regular $124.70   Cost:  $66.60 (Inc. $1.46 Tax)


Aldi Shopping Trip February 4 2014

The price of milk and eggs is why I drove to the store, the 1/2 price ribs was the topping in the cake.

3 Milk $1.29/gal.

Yes, it is real milk and is that price regularly!

4 Eggs .59/dozen

2 Organic Grape Tomatoes $1.99/each

2 Strawberries $1.49/each

Bag Of Green Grapes $3.99

St Louis Spareribs Originally $12.99 and $12.52 each   My cost today: $6.50 and $6.26 (YAY!)

Guess what we had for supper?


With the great chicken deals we got at the one day sale a few weeks ago we are definitely set on meat for quite awhile.

What was your great buy this week?





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