Stop to watch the turkeys

How many of us are so busy with the “GO, GO, GO” in life that we are unable to enjoy the little things?

 Stop to Watch the Turkeys


I know the past couple of months have been full for us; with the fire and follow-up, shopping for prom accessories, prepping for ACT’s, teaching two kids to drive, starting this blog, prepping for a huge sale next weekend and working on my crafts as a way to pay for my daughter’s college.  All the while trying to deal with my EDS and now my shoulder/arm not functioning.  I have decided it’s God’s way of telling me to slow down and enjoy things.  Of course my body did it because it had to, but my mind just wouldn’t comply.  We seem to be working on that whether I want to or not.

I’m sure that many of you have as much to do and more in your lives; I just want to share how, (besides the nasty shoulder), I was uniquely forced to not just slow down but STOP this week.

A TURKEY crossing the middle of the street in town.

Yep, that happened to me this week.  (Sorry about the bad pic.)

Strange Turkeys in the MIDDLE of TOWN

Yes, folks, that was in Casey across the tracks from Roosevelt school, and yes, it is a red turkey with white tipped wings.  (I came home and looked it up.)  He was gorgeous with a rich, red brown body and white tipped wings and tail.  I just wish the picture was better. 

Of course, at first, I assumed it was a chicken but after a few minutes of watching him strut across the road and into this parking lot I was sure he was a turkey.  The head and tail were all wrong for a chicken (and yes, I have enough farm experience to make an educated guess).

I was in a bit of a rush that day with a giant list of things to do while I was in town but I waited for him to cross the road anyway.

He was very determined but very slow and there was a large group of kids with their sitter watching from the tracks.  We all know how turkeys are.  I could just see him making a run for it under my van if I tried to pass and then me ending up in the Casey Reporter for being a “strange fowl killer” and traumatizing several kids under the age of 5.  LOL

So, I did not try to go around him.

Instead, I decided to dig out my dinosaur phone and attempt to get a photo.

(Especially, since I didn’t think anyone would believe me when I tried to describe it.)

After that, I slowed down a bit all the way around.  I took time to just sit and visit with my grandparents (who I don’t see enough), enjoyed a great lunch with them and then took my girls on a scenic route home- through Timothy Hills and past some of my old friends’ and families’ homes.  It felt good to relive old memories: mushroom hunting, hopping out to cut wildflowers (GASP!, yes I even did this as a teen- don’t tell me you never carried scissors in your car especially for this reason!!!), flying over Timothy Hills (with caution of course), walking through Great-Grandma’s woods and taking care of an older neighbor who was afraid of storms.  Some of the old homesteads and people are gone but the land is still there and it’s easy to remember the way it was.  The day was perfect with warmth, sunshine, no other cars on the road, and beautiful blooms everywhere.

Life seemed to be less hectic then- a time with no cell phones, e-mail, or the rush, rush, rush that we have today.

Oh for simpler times!  But until then I guess I’ll take a few turkeys in the road if that’s what I need to remind me to slow down and enjoy what’s important.

Note:  I spent an hour trying to prove to myself this was indeed at turkey and here is what I found.  The one I saw was much richer in color, had no mixing of colors, and was very “austere”.  He wasn’t distracted by Facebook, text Messages, Google + or taking a selfie as he crossed that road.  Nope, he owned that road!  LOL

Stop to watch the turkeys, especially in the middle of town

If you found this post to be encouraging or want to share an experience you have had, please feel free to leave a comment or share below.

Remember To Stop and Watch the Turkeys!

(Both human and fowl.)

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