40 Ways to Use Collapsible Storage Baskets

Just a few days ago I shared why our entire family enjoys collapsible storage baskets and a peek at how we use them in our entryway, to hide all.the.things.   Today, I want to share 40 ways we use those collapsible storage baskets.

For Pets

1.)  Controlling pet products and toys.

2.)  Hide and Seek with the cats.

For Travel

3.)  For random items you don’t want falling over or to chase after the kids go to sleep.  (These are perfect because they fold flat when not in use.)

4.)  For groceries you want to stay upright, because Lord knows they don’t in those recycle, plastic or even paper bags.

5.)  At the hotel, tent or cabinet to keep food, toys, clothes, etc, corralled but accessible.   (The wind can’t blow things away as easily when they are contained, and once again they fold up for convenience when not in use.)

In the bathroom

6.)  Under the sink for washcloths, towels, toilet paper, personal items, etc…

7.)  Medicine chest to corral gauze, tape, ointment, etc…

8.)  On the counter for all those loose bottles you don’t want to put away, but don’t want falling over either.

In the Closet

9.)  Extra linens

10.)  Shoes

11.)  Clothes

12.)  Toys by category

13.)  Craft supplies

14.)  In progress blankets, quilts, etc…

15.)  “Fix it” sewing projects

16.)  Extra Hats, Gloves, Scarves

17.)  Small games and pieces

18.)  Scrapbook supplies

19.)  Pictures to sort

20.)  Tablecloths

21.)  Napkins

22.)  Special snacks

23.)  Gifts

24.)  Party Supplies

In the Living Room

25.)  Hold remotes, spare drinks, pens, crossword books, etc…

26.)  Toy box for guests

27.)  Library books

28.)  Blankets

29.)  Random stuff for a quick pick up and easy put up.   Just carry the basket through the house.

30.)  Current sewing, crocheting, knitting project and supplies

31.)  Toys that have been temporarily confiscated due to poor listening skills or behavior

In the Laundry Room

32.)  Odd Socks and Gloves awaiting their mates

33.)  Rags we have cut from old clothes

34.)  Extra chemicals

35.)  Pet Care items

36.)  Small clean items, sorted by owner, to be put away after work/play/school

At Our House

37.)  A portable office, since I can’t sit at the desk or table for very long.   It makes for a quick clean up too.  I simply toss my binders, papers, clipboard, pens and any other supplies inside, and have hubby carry it to whatever location I can work in that day.

38.)  Items leaving the house like mail, coupons we are passing on, items people forgot or we want to share, etc…   When we run errands or guests stop by, we can just grab a basket and go.

39.)  We use them to take small items from the dryer, then carry it to the table to sit down and fold.

40.)  We fill them with small items we need to take up and down the stairs for different activities.

41.)  My favorite!!!   Sorting and organizing spaces.  I love the fact that collapsible storage baskets fold compactly when not in use, and I don’t need to have several bags or boxes laying around until I start or finish a project.


What do you use collapsible storage baskets for?

We would love to hear your response below.


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